What Happened To Micah Lussier And Paul Peden After Love Is Blind?

Not all love stories in "Love is Blind" end up in a happily ever after. It definitely wasn't the case for Micah Lussier and Paul Peden, whose wedding resulted in a flurry of tears. In fact, they were only the couple that was a part of the "Love is Blind" Season 4 finale who didn't say yes to forever.

Micah and Paul weren't one of those couples who were set on each other from the get-go. At the beginning of the season, Micah was smitten with cast member Kwame Appiah while Paul initially hit it off with Amber Wilder. It wasn't until several pod dates that they decided to choose one another and get engaged, but even then, it didn't seem like a match made in heaven. For one, neither of them was budging on their preferred living situations. Paul insisted on staying in his Seattle apartment, while Micah wanted to split her time between Seattle and her hometown in Arizona. For another, Micah's friends were not Paul's biggest fans, with her best friend, Shelby, admitting to being a big Paul anti. Micah also appeared to have residual feelings for Kwame, and Paul showed instances of second-guessing his decision to choose Micah.

Despite all their uncertainties about their relationship, they made it down the aisle anyway. Micah appeared to be secure in her decision to marry Paul, but Paul admitted that he wasn't ready for a life-long commitment with her. "I love you, but I don't think that we can choose each other right now," he said. They ended up breaking up, but as it turns out, they attempted to revive their relationship after the finale.

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden tried dating again

Even though Micah Lussier and Paul Peden didn't end up as husband and wife after the "Love is Blind" finale, they still tried to make things work. The former lovebirds told Entertainment Tonight they gave each other space to reconcile with their emotions before giving their relationship another whirl. 

"We decided that we were going to try, and we eventually did try," Micah dished, noting that while it lasted "a couple of months," it was still doomed right from the start. "At that point, we were doing long distance and what was really hard about that was that the foundation was such a mess." Paul also shared that it had been their plan all along. "We knew if we weren't able to say yes, then we wanted to date," he explained. "But I think what we didn't anticipate was the emotional backlash within ourself like, 'Oh s***, that was really tough.'"

But he confirmed with E! News that, ultimately, they couldn't handle managing a long-distance relationship, leading to the demise of their romance. "The distance between us was too challenging. That seems to have been the primary motivator," he shared, noting that there may be another underlying reason they couldn't pinpoint. "There might be more to it, honestly," he added. "There might be a reason why I said no, there might be a reason why we're not dating. That's a little unclear at the moment."

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden would have probably made their supposed marriage work

If things had gone Micah Lussier's way, she and Paul Peden would probably have been married, and according to her, they would have likely worked to make their relationship thrive. The Arizona native expressed to Us Weekly that — in an alternate reality — they could have found happiness as a couple. "I think that we were both willing to put in the work and I think that we would actively try and if we were meant to be together, then we would still be together," she said. "I know we would put in that effort."

But Micah owed it upon herself to unearth Paul's true feelings. In a shocking twist, she asked Paul's answer at the altar first instead of the other way around. "I felt like the only way I could get a true answer from Paul was for him to answer first," she told Today. "I feared that if I said 'yes' first that maybe he would say 'yes' as well. Just to be like, 'Oh, maybe she knows something I don't like ... maybe I we should do this, maybe I should take the risk."

And while they're on good terms now, reconciliation isn't in the cards for the two. "I think I've always held a place in my heart that maybe there was a future for Paul... but there kind of never was," she shared with ET. "And I feel a little duped. I think growing, moving on and moving forward is what's on the horizon."