Where Does Jen Bunney And Lauren Conrad's Friendship Stand Today After The Hills?

If you're a fan of reality TV show dramas, then chances are you've heard of the MTV classic "The Hills." Premiering in 2006, the series follows "Laguna Beach" star Lauren Conrad as she navigates LA and the fashion industry. Across its six seasons, viewers were treated to some of the most iconic moments in TV history –– including Conrad skipping Paris for a boy, Whitney Port's red carpet fall and the phrase heard around the world, "You know what you did." However, one of the show's most unforgettable storylines was the Season two love triangle between LC, her best friend Jen Bunney, and playboy Brody Jenner. For those who may need their memory refreshed, the two friends found themselves at odds after Bunney hooked up with Jenner following her 21st birthday party. 

At the time, Conrad and "The Princes of Malibu" star were reportedly seeing each other on and off the show. "I don't know what you consider dating, but we're seeing each other. We're having a great time," Jenner told People in October 2006. However, after the alleged hookup between Jenner and herself, Bunney would reveal that the drama was blown out of proportion by production. Since then, fans have wondered if Conrad and Bunney have mended their relationship. 

Jen Bunney and Lauren Conrad are on friendly terms

Since Jen Bunney and Lauren Conrad's blow-up on "The Hills," fans of the series have been eager to find out where the two stand today. Fortunately, the former best friends are on good terms and have moved on from the petty drama. While discussing her upcoming book, "Don't Tell Me What to Do: The Secret Guide to Unlocking Your Power, Potential, and Purpose" with Us Weekly, Bunney stated that the two are "very friendly" when they see each other. "I bump into her on occasion, and it's lovely," she revealed. "She's so friendly, and she's so nice." The now chief population health officer also revealed that the scandalous hookup between her and Brody Jenner was made up by production. "I watched it back with everyone else in the nation when it aired. And I could not believe my eyes," Bunney said. 

In an additional interview with Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, and Frankie Delgado on the "Was It Real? The Hills Rewatch" podcast, Bunney gave further insight into how she felt about Conrad and a potential reconciliation between them. "In my heart, we are good. I feel like there's no animosity, there's no tension," she explained. "I'm very comfortable going back and discussing what happened because I really don't have any regrets." Though "the door is open" for Bunney and Conrad to have a conversation, for Bunney, "there's no desperation" to get back to their old friendship. 

Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner claim that their love story was fake

Jen Bunney isn't the only cast member from "The Hills" to claim that her infamous love triangle was fake. In a 2015 interview with MTV News, Brody Jenner revealed that not only did he not hook up with Bunney, but nothing happened with Audrina Patridge or Lauren Conrad either! "I didn't hook up with any of these girls," he revealed. "Lauren's a dear friend of mine, and it was pretty funny to have to live that reality." Jenner went on to explain that their "romance" was very professional and ended when the producers yelled cut. "We'd film a scene of us kissing or being in this lovey-dovey scene, and then after, it would be like, 'Cut.' And we'd be like 'Great to see you', and we'd go our separate ways."

A year after Jenner's revelation, Conrad seemingly agreed with her former on-screen beau during the MTV special, "The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now." She explained (via People), "I definitely had a crush on Brody, but the funny thing was we had zero chemistry. He was my friend. I enjoyed spending time with him, but it just always felt forced." Conrad also added that producers were eager for her to have a romantic interest in the show, especially with a person that was willing to be filmed. "I just sort of let them do whatever they wanted," she admitted.