Alex Cooper's Fiancé Matt Kaplan Was Previously Married To A Famous Actor

Alex Cooper met the love of her life on a Zoom business call in 2020. Before disclosing the actual identity of her fiancé, she referred to Matt Kaplan as "Mr. Sexy Zoom Man" on her "Call Her Daddy" podcast, per People. Three years later, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level.

In an April 2023 interview with W Magazine, Cooper gave the inside scoop on her engagement. Kaplan planned a fake photoshoot for Cooper so that he'd have time to set up their home with romantic decor. She shared, "When I came home that night, my entire house was covered in candles, lit all over, music playing, and a scavenger hunt leading to Matt proposing." Adorning each room in their house with various photos and mementos, Kaplan went above and beyond to make the engagement special. When he finally proposed in the courtyard, Cooper called the moment "very surreal."

Cooper revealed that she was once hesitant about saying "I do." However, when Kaplan showed up, she abandoned her beliefs about marriage. She told W Magazine, "But with Matt, it immediately was obvious to me, once our relationship progressed to the point that it was time, that yes, I would love to marry him." While being a bride is completely new to Cooper, Kaplan was briefly married to a famous actor.

Matt Kaplan was married to Claire Holt

From 2016 to 2017, Matt Kaplan was married to Claire Holt, an Australian actor known for "Pretty Little Liars"' and "The Vampire Diaries." Back in 2015, Holt confirmed the engagement in a now-deleted Instagram post, according to People. She posted a photo of her and her then-fiancé, where she flaunted her diamond ring. She captioned it, "Yes."

In 2016, Holt and her close friends gathered for a bridal shower at the restaurant The Eveleigh in Los Angeles, per E! News. Pal Mandy Moore took to Instagram to congratulate them. She shared a photo of an image featuring the couple touching foreheads and looking into each other's eyes. She wrote, "Matt and Claire are getting married and they are also #relationshipgoals. Oh and doesn't this pic look like a movie poster to the most incredible romantic comedy?"

However, Kaplan and Holt called it quits shortly after tying the knot. In May 2017, People announced that Kaplan had filed for divorce on April 27, which was actually one day before the couple's one-year wedding anniversary. Both Kaplan and Holt attributed the divorce to "irreconcilable differences."

Inside Matt Kaplan and Claire Holt's relationships

It didn't take long for Claire Holt to move on from Matt Kaplan. In December 2017, the actor revealed her engagement to real estate executive Andrew Joblon on Instagram. Holding up a glimmering ring, the happy couple locked lips. In August 2018, Us Weekly shared that Holt and Joblon officially got married. Holt posted an Instagram photo of the two smiling under a floral-adorned arch with their dog. Since they tied the knot, Holt and Joblon have welcomed two kids — a son named James and a daughter named Elle.

Besides his marriage to Holt, Kaplan's dating history also includes another well-known celebrity. According to People, he dated Ashley Olsen for three years in the early 2000s. In 2004, the former actor broke up with him. According to Kaplan, it was challenging to keep their long-distance relationship afloat. Spokesman Michael Pagnotta called the split "amicable." He said they "parted on good terms" and "they wish each other the best." 

Whatever their pasts may be, it seems like Holt and Kaplan have both found their true loves at last. In April 2023, Alex Cooper took to Instagram to share a photo of her passionately kissing her beau. Surrounded by candles, white flowers, and two adorable dogs, Cooper and Kaplan enjoyed a romantic, sweet moment.