What Happened To Kenedi Anderson After Quitting American Idol?

Kenedi Anderson was a standout contestant during Season 20 of "American Idol." In her first audition, Anderson blew away the judges with her take on Lady Gaga's "Applause." Displaying her powerful vocals and flawless runs, the 17-year-old showed tremendous promise in the early stages of the competition. Luke Bryan told her, "I believe you might be the biggest star we've ever seen," with the hopeful singer earning a coveted platinum ticket that allowed her to skip the first round of Hollywood week. However, viewers were stunned when Anderson unexpectedly dropped out of the Top 24.

In April 2022, Anderson returned to social media following her dramatic exit by sharing a statement on Instagram. She wrote, "For personal reasons, I'm unable to continue on 'American Idol.' This has been one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, but I know it's necessary." She expressed gratitude for the opportunity and those who supported her throughout her "Idol" run. We know all about Anderson's short-lived journey on the reality TV competition, but what happened to the singer after "American Idol?"

Kenedi Anderson is still pursuing music

It's clear that Kenedi Anderson hasn't abandoned her musical aspirations, as she can be found singing for her 457,000 TikTok followers. Fans are thrilled as she often covers tracks by some of the industry's most prominent artists. In a recent video, she played the piano and sang "You're Not Sorry" by Taylor Swift. In another video, she accompanied herself to Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain."

Anderson doesn't just show off her talents on social media, as the singer continues to do live shows. According to a profile by Our Era Magazine, Anderson — with fellow Season 20 contestants Emyrson Flora and Paige Fish — performed some original songs at a venue in Provo, Utah, following their time on "American Idol." Anderson eagerly talked about her upcoming plans, saying, "I'm really excited to actually release music. I've been writing some of my favorite songs I've ever done and I can't wait to share them with the world." In December 2022, Anderson revealed she was the opening act for singer-songwriter Benson Boone. She took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos from the show, calling it "the BEST time."

Kenedi Anderson is a social media aficionado

In addition to keeping fans informed about her music career, Kenedi Anderson frequently shares updates about her personal life on social media. In June 2022, Anderson took to Instagram to share that she had graduated from high school. Grinning ear to ear, she donned a dark blue gown in a series of photos with loved ones. She wrote, "No more school for meee hehehe." Anderson's Instagram page is packed with selfies and professional photos of her looking as glamorous as ever. And as it turns out, the singer has an incredibly fluffy cat! In a Christmas post shared in December 2022, Anderson posed with the furry feline in a series of adorable, holiday-themed photos.

Anderson has found her footing on TikTok, using the platform for various means. She seems to have a blast creating fun, lip-syncing videos that show off her comedic side. She captioned one video, "When I tell my friend I can't hang out bc i have plans with my sister but she just texted them saying we don't." She moves her lips to an audio track, saying, "Okay, that's interesting. You know why?" before quickly running away from the camera.

While Anderson's time on "American Idol" was voluntarily cut short, the star has moved forward in various aspects of her life. At the end of the day, music is still her primary passion. In an Instagram post shared in April 2023, Anderson wrote, "Kenedi on stage = Kenedi at her happiest."