New Footage Of North West On Met Gala Curbside Has Kim Kardashian Facing Heat

In the wake of fashion's biggest night, Kim Kardashian is facing criticism over her parenting skills. The reality star, who has now attended the Met Gala a total of 10 times, dazzled in a pearl-covered outfit, accentuating her famous hourglass figure. According to People, the haute-couture design was achieved with over 50,000 pearls put to use. Given Karl Lagerfeld's love for pearls, there was no telling what Kardashian's inspiration for the dress was. "I wanted pearls. I thought, 'What is more Karl?' You know, the iconic Chanel pearls is what I always thought of. So we wanted to just be dripping in pearls," she explained to Vogue on the red carpet. Unsurprisingly, the Skims founder has since been voted by many as one of the best-dressed at the event.

Kardashian also opened up about the activities leading up to her Met Gala appearance, revealing that she got dressed with her 9-year-old daughter North West watching. "My daughter was in the room with me. She's actually in the car watching us all walk up the red carpet." Prior to Kardashian's arrival at the event, the mother-daughter duo was spotted leaving the Ritz Carlton for the ride to the Met, with West sporting a vintage Chanel jacket and a pair of baggy jeans. An adorable mother-daughter moment no doubt, except now the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star is under attack for seemingly abandoning her daughter for the Met Gala.

Fans are accusing Kim of neglecting North

She might have been on fashion duty on Monday, but Kim Kardashian wasn't exactly on mommy duty. In a recently released TikTok video, North West can be seen on the curbside of the building where the Met Gala was held. In the clip, the 9-year-old stood alone, holding her purse while nervously smiling at spectators. Standing only a few meters away from their car, West could possibly have been in the care of an older adult who was not captured in the video. 

Nonetheless, many were not having it and soon took to the internet with criticism for Kardashian. "Poor North West, this broke my heart. A little 9-year-old girl left on the curb with strangers by her selfish, narcissistic, exploitative mother," one Twitter user wrote. "I'm gonna pray this is not true... and if it is... then them people are more garbage than I even thought," a second person tweeted. In addition to these reactions, many other fans have also called Kardashian out for taking West to the event in the first place.

And if you were wondering why the 9-year-old could not just have walked the red carpet alongside her famous mom and aunties, the Met Gala announced back in 2018 that it was placing an age restriction on the event. "It's not an appropriate event for people under 18," organizers told The Hollywood Reporter at the time.

Kim Kardashian's attendance with North West upset more than just fans

Kim Kardashian caused plenty of controversy for leaving her daughter, North West, behind while she attended the Met Gala. But it seems like even bringing her daughter into the vicinity of the Met Gala has upset more than just fans — it also upset talk show host Megyn Kelly.

Kelly, a known conservative journalist, had some harsh parenting advice for the SKIMS creator on her podcast, "The Megyn Kelly Show." Kelly shared, "Like, is that what you want your daughter to see you doing? You want her to see you like basically wearing next to nothing, and parade to the Met Gala? I'm sorry, but it's gross." Kelly even threw a jab as she compared her parenting skills to that of the reality star. The journalist added, "Some of us brought our kids to presidential debates and thought that might make a nice impression."

The podcast host was not only appalled at the idea of West seeing her mom in a scandalous outfit, but she was also outraged that she took West to the event at all. Now, if you're wondering how Kelly would know what goes on at the Met Gala, the journalist did attend back in 2016, per the Daily Mail. But when Kelly attended the event, she didn't have a great encounter with the Kardashians. She claimed on the podcast that the Kardashians were "dry humping" in the bathroom as she called them "classless" and "gross." 

Kim Kardashian was glad to have North West by her side

Despite all the backlash Kim Kardashian faced for taking North West to the Met Gala, the reality star was thankful to have West by her side. In fact, West helped her mother during a wardrobe malfunction just hours before she hit the red carpet. As we have all seen in the images, Kardashian's outfit consisted of 50,000 pearls, per Vogue. Well, when they started to fall off, West quickly came to her mother's aid. According to People, Kardashian told Vogue that West was the one to collect all the loose pearls. The reality star shared, "[S]ome [pearls] popped on the way, and I told my daughter to grab them all. They're real pearls, and she was putting them in her purse." Those pearls are bound to be incredibly valuable, and West made sure not to lose a single one.

Not just that, but with the immense amount of stress that comes with the Met Gala, the 9-year-old knew her mom would need some relaxation. According to Entertainment Tonight, Kardashian shared the thoughtful surprise West set up for her on Instagram. The SKIMS founder posted, "How sweet is North for surprising me tonight with this for us to relax before the Met. Massages before the big day! Beautiful." That's right — West decided to spoil her mom by setting up a serene massage before the big fashion event. And Kardashian definitely needed it with all the criticism that was to come.