RHONJ: What Gia Giudice's Relationship With Her Dad Joe Is Like Today

Does Gia Giudice still have a relationship with her father, Joe Giudice? Reality television has always been hard on the kids of reality stars, but it proves to be much harder when your famous parents serve time in prison for fraud and tax evasion. That was the grim reality that Gia Giudice once faced, along with her three younger sisters: Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana. The famous parents in question? That would be "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars, Teresa and Joe Giudice, who were sentenced to 15 and 41 months in prison respectively in 2014.

Although Gia is the oldest sibling, she was only 13 years old when her parents faced their legal consequences. A few days before Teresa started her prison bid, Gia tweeted, "Can't sleep, to much stuff on my mind" (via the Daily Mail). But a few months into her mom's sentence, Gia was trying to make the best of things. "Anything can happen to any family, and it could be worse," Gia said during an interview with ET. "At least no one's sick — that's honestly how I think of it." Fortunately, Gia got her mother back a year into her sentence. Her father, on the other hand, served 100% of his term. And as Gia noted, Joe left for prison right after her mom returned home, kicking off "the same thing all over again."

Now that the dust has settled, how is Gia's relationship with Joe today?

Gia Giudice is close with her father Joe

As a teenager, Gia Giudice was super dedicated to helping her father take care of her siblings while her mom was in jail. Before Teresa Giudice started her sentence, she shared the sweet promise that Gia made to her. "She said, 'Mommy, don't worry about it. I'll be there. I'll help Daddy with the girls. That will prepare me for when I'm a mom,'" Teresa told Andy Cohen (via People). "Oh my God, my heart broke when she said that," Teresa added. 

Today, Gia retains the same level of love for her father, even though he was deported to Italy after his release from prison. "I talk to him a lot," Gia shared on her mom's podcast, "Namaste B$tches" (via Bravo). "I'm older now, so he talks to me just about literally everything — probably more than I want to know," she continued. "I mean, my dad has a more exciting life than I do. I'm, like, my dad's therapist. He tells me about all the dates he goes on, and the girls that he's talking to, and what's going on with his day, if someone pissed him off at work." Gia also revealed that her father is especially welcoming of all of his daughters' company. "Even if he thinks about us leaving, he starts crying," she noted.

Gia Giudice went into law because of her father

Gia Giudice has since been hired to intern for immigration law attorney, Kathleen Martinez. Martinez announced the exciting news in a TikTok video welcoming Gia to her team. According to Page Six, Giudice's legal aspirations were influenced by her father's deportation. "We have such a big family, and no matter what the situation is, gathering all of us to go visit him [is hard]," Gia shared with the publication. "Even though he did move to Bahamas for us, for him to be closer, for the flight to be easier ... like, plane tickets are still crazy expensive, and especially when everybody has off around the holidays [and] the airlines jump the prices up." 

She also revealed that Martinez's firm may potentially help assist her father with appealing his deportation. "They were interested in possibly, potentially looking at his case again — just in the future, if they would be able to do anything for him," said Gia. "And it's been so cool, like, just seeing other immigration cases that are completely different than what my father's [was] and just the situations that these people have been put through," she added. "And it really is so sad. But [if] I could do anything to help them or do anything, like, I would love to. And so it really has been a great experience so far."