Who Is Bella Thorne's Fiancé Mark Emms?

If it seems like just yesterday that Bella Thorne was preparing to ride off into the sunset with Benjamin Mascolo, it was. Or actually, it was eleven months ago — but since then, Thorne has gotten engaged to someone new. That special someone is entrepreneur Mark Emms, who proposed to the former Disney starlet at her home in California after nine months of dating. Assumedly, Mascolo is happy for his ex because the two had an extremely amicable breakup in 2022. "A little more than three years ago, I crossed roads with the most amazing human being. That day, my life changed forever," Mascolo wrote on Instagram following the demise of his engagement to Thorne (via the Daily Mail). Adding that he was "grateful for every single moment," the Italian noted that he'd "always be there" for Thorne. We wonder if he'd still be a fixture in her life if she married someone else, and indeed, Mascolo has yet to comment on Thorne's new engagement.

Regardless of Mascolo's feelings, the "Shake it Up" star seems happy with Emms. Speaking to Vogue, Thorne gushed that meeting Emms (at Cara Delevigne's birthday party in Ibiza) was "love at first sight." She made sure to note that she's already envisioning the wedding, which is an interesting call-out because wedding planning with Mascolo moved slowly, per Hollywood Life. Maybe, Thorne is determined not to re-live past mistakes?

To prep for the nuptials, we're doing a deep dive into Emms' backstory. Who is he, really?

Mark Emms is a rising star in Hollywood

Per Creativepool, London-based Mark Emms started his career in artist management and public relations. According to his LinkedIn page, he is now an entrepreneur who has founded entertainment agencies, including Fire Global Media Productions, Eastern Road Films LLC, and Emms Productions. A self-made producer, IMDb tells us that Emms has worked with juggernaut entertainment companies Spotify, Netflix, and Lionsgate, as well as collaborating with A-listers like Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and Dua Lipa. We'll add Cara Delevigne to the list since Emms was at her birthday party when he met his bride-to-be, Bella Thorne.

If you're wondering whether Emms has produced anything you may have heard of, the answer is probably. As TVInsider reports, he masterminded the hit Netflix docuseries "Bad Vegan," a true-crime story that chronicled how popular vegan restaurateur Sarma Melngailis got involved with a conman who stole her restaurant's funds. "How and why did this nightmare happen to someone like Sarma?" Emms told Yahoo! Entertainment. "It ... was a story that I found deeply shocking and cruel and it felt important that it be told to a wider audience." With Emms as the producer, Melngailis' story debuted on Netflix's Top 10 and netted 27 million hours of view time — all within just five days (via Variety).

As noted by Vogue, Emms proposed to Thorne with a 10-carat diamond. Judging by the success of "Bad Vegan" and the price tag associated with that ring, we're guessing he doesn't do too badly for himself.

Will Bella Thorne and Mark Emms work together in the future?

By Bella Thorne's own admission, we know that she and Mark Emms met through Cara Delevigne, but wouldn't it have been more fun if they'd met at The Mulberry in NYC? According to the Los Angeles Times, Emms is a co-owner of the nightclub, which brands itself as a New York hotspot catering to A-listers. "There have become less and less places to go where we can take 'notable people' where they can feel at home, left alone and have a great time," Phil Meynell, VP of creative at TSX Entertainment, told WWD, explaining that The Mulberry exists to fill this void. Seems like the perfect place for Thorne and Emms to cozy up over a cocktail, right?

With his production houses and cocktail bar contributing to his wealth, Emms' net worth is estimated at around $5 million. Meanwhile, Thorne's net worth is more than double that of her beau, clocking in at $12 million. As the two get ready for their wedding, we wonder whether they'll be combining business with pleasure moving forward. For example, when Thorne was still with Benjamin Mascolo, they co-starred in the 2021 romance movie "Time Is Up," in addition to promoting the film together. There is a definite overlap within Thorne and Emms' spheres of influence, so maybe we'll see her in a movie he's producing in the future? Something tells us it's more likely than not.