Big Brother Producers Step In After Contestant Accusations

Big Brother contestant JC Mounduix will remain on the series following multiple sexual misconduct allegations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers of the hit CBS show have looked into a recent round of accusations made against the controversial contestant, stemming from two incidents which were allegedly caught on camera during the series' 24/7 live feed last Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018.

That evening, the 28-year-old reality TV star reportedly kissed houseguest Tyler Crispen's armpit and touched his face, arms, chest, and legs while the latter was asleep. As the New York Daily News reported, Mounduix later claimed he'd been attempting to comfort Crispen, 23, through a nightmare. However, Crispen reportedly appeared "visibly uncomfortable" while discussing the matter with another contestant the following day, THR noted.

Mounduix also allegedly opened the bathroom door on fellow contestant Haleigh Broucher that night. After he refused to close it and tied it open, Broucher, 21, was forced to ask the production team to intervene. As TV Guide reported, Mounduix later referred to the incidents as "pranks" when he was confronted by fellow houseguest Sam Bledsoe, before angrily walking away.

A number of viewers have since taken to social media to call for Mounduix's removal from the show. "@CBSBigBrother can you please explain to me how JC gets away with inappropriate sexual actions towards other house guests constantly? What am I missing here??" one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! Why isn't production stepping in!? Why is JC not receiving penalties for all this BS!!?"

As these social media users alluded, this was not the first time the Florida native has been accused of inappropriate behavior. Mounduix, who reportedly mocked the #MeToo movement earlier this season, previously received a slap on the wrist after he was accused of touching the private parts of other contestants with his hand and an ice-cream scoop. "Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 — and capturing every unfiltered moment and conversation in their lives," CBS stated in part earlier this summer (via TV Guide). "At times, the houseguests reveal prejudices and exhibit behavior that we do not condone."

In the wake of the latest allegations made against Mounduix, executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan released a statement via CBS on Friday, Aug. 31. "The expression of viewer concerns regarding JC Mounduix's behavior was reviewed immediately," their joint statement read (via THR). "All video was examined in its entirety. We spoke with all three of the houseguests separately in detail about the incidents. Tyler and Haleigh explained to producers that they in no way felt threatened, unsafe or sexually harassed. If there was any indication from our Houseguests of sexual misconduct, we and CBS would have taken immediate action. The safety and security of our houseguests is and will continue to be our top priority."

It's important to note that, since this is not the first time CBS has been criticized over its handling of sexual misconduct allegations, some Big Brother fans have remained understandably skeptical of the network's recent statement on the Mounduix accusations.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, CBS's response to disgraced TV journalist Charlie Rose's sexual misconduct scandal has been under intense scrutiny since it first broke last fall. More recently, six women accused the network's CEO, Leslie Moonves, of sexual harassment in a shocking article published by The New Yorker in late July 2018. The piece, written by journalist Ronan Farrow, detailed over two decades' worth of alleged inappropriate behavior, including unwanted touching, kissing, and intimidation. While CBS immediately launched an investigation into the allegations, it was later announced that the network's longtime chief would still continue to work amid the scandal.

Adding yet another complicated layer to this entire situation, Big Brother just so happens to be hosted by Moonves' wife of nearly 14 years, Julie Chen — who famously came to his defense after he denied the claims.

The next episode of Big Brother, which recently received a People's Choice Award nomination for Competition Show in the wake of this ongoing controversy, will air next on Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 8 p.m.