Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Patrick Is All Grown Up And Looks Nothing Like His Dad

With a dad like Arnold Schwarzenegger, his son Patrick Schwarzenegger has big shoes to fill and he seems to be following in his father's footsteps. Born on September 18, 1993, he is the third child of Arnold and Maria Shriver and the only one out of his siblings to pursue a career in the spotlight. At the age of 13, he appeared in his first movie, "The Benchwarmers," and then went on to star in "Stuck in Love" and "Grown Ups 2," among other films.

Patrick definitely inherited his parents' work ethic, as he started his own clothing and accessory line, Project360, when he was in high school. He also stepped into the modeling world and was signed to L.A. Models. However, like his father, he has acting in his blood and told Variety that he prefers starring in roles rather than walking on runways. "It's not in my passion. I love the fashion space and clothing, and the originality of that. But I don't enjoy just kind of standing there and getting my photo taken, versus in acting getting to play someone else and be a different character," he shared. Patrick credits his father for his love of acting and while they share similarities, he has grown up to have his own distinct look that sets him apart from Arnold.

Patrick Schwarzenegger has a slimmer stature than his former bodybuilding father

Modeling may not be Patrick Schwarzenegger's number one passion, but he still rocks his good looks for top designers. In December 2022, he shared photos of himself sporting Hugo Boss' line on Instagram, writing, "Loved doing this new @boss campaign!" He clearly got his cheekbones from his mother, Maria Shriver, and in March, he displayed them while wearing a black tux at a Vanity Fair event. "Thank you @vanityfair," he captioned an Instagram post.

While Patrick bears little resemblance to his father Arnold Schwarzenegger, he enjoys lifting weights just like his father's earlier days, but has to keep his frame slimmer for his roles. In an interview with Traveling Boy, the model stated, "Before ['Midnight Sun'], I loved weight lifting, I loved eating, I loved bulking up. But for this role, I lost almost 20 pounds because I stopped lifting and started swimming. When you start swimming, your body gets wider shoulders and a slimmer waist." On Patrick's career choice, he shared that Arnold has always been supportive and added, "My dad has always said to follow your passion. It's not really work if you're doing something you love to do." 

Despite being a strong role model for his kids, Arnold let them spread their wings and allowed them to grow up to be their own individual selves.

Arnold Schwarzenegger never put pressure on Patrick to follow in his footsteps

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a hard worker, but he never expected his children to be just like him. "Fatherhood is really the greatest joy. Watching all five of my kids grow into their own successful lives is fantastic ... Kids are the next best thing after cloning — even though you realize every child has a different personality," he told Men's Health in 2018. 

Arnold's influence on eldest son Patrick is clear. The two share a love of working out, and as a birthday shoutout, the "Moxie" actor posted an Instagram video of Arnold lifting weights, writing, "Happy Birthday pops! ... I have no idea how your 74 today & still pullin this weight. I truly hope I'm half as strong physically & mentally when I'm your age."

Arnold also convinced Patrick to give up smoking marijuana. "FUN STORY: Few years ago (more like 3ish )showed up lil high to Easter brunch... classic. My old man asked why... said 'I dunno makes thing more fun'. He replied how much more fun do you need to have, life is so good. I'm high on life. I never want anything that would take me out of my current life. Being high on life is better than anything else," Patrick shared on Instagram. He revealed that since the conversation with his father, he hasn't smoked weed once. It's evident Patrick and Arnold share a close bond and despite not looking alike, they're definitely father and son.