Did Luke Macfarlane Leave Hallmark?

From "Chateau Christmas" to "Taking a Shot at Love," Luke Macfarlane has slowly taken over the Hallmark channel. Macfarlane became a staple on the network after he first starred in "The Memory Book" in 2014, per QC Approved. At the beginning of his career with the network, the actor was eager to do more films with Hallmark. In 2017, he told TV Goodness, "I love doing [Hallmark films] so much. I hope they'll keep thinking of me favorably." And clearly, they did because he has gone on to do more than 10 movies and has ultimately become a fan-favorite actor on the network.

Although some people could get sick of being labeled a Hallmark Channel actor, Macfarlane enjoyed the title. When an interviewer from Entertainment Tonight called him the "Hallmark King" in 2022, the actor agreed that he was. He shared, "Yes, I am." He even said that his work on Hallmark helped him prepare for films outside the network. Macfarlane knew he stood in a good place with fans and the Hallmark channel, but over time, the actor changed his feelings.

Macfarlane has been wishy-washy with his feelings about continuing to do Hallmark films and has left many fans confused about whether he will continue to work with the channel or not. So, has the "Bros" actor has officially called it quits with Hallmark?

Luke Macfarlane hinted at his Hallmark departure

When Luke Macfarlane starred in the 2022 hit comedy "Bros," many questioned whether this was the first step in him slowly leaving the Hallmark channel. While doing press for the new movie, he made it seem as though the "Bros" film was the beginning of a new chapter for him as he explained how grateful he was toward Hallmark. He told People, "I've been doing romantic comedies for a long time with Hallmark and they have given me an incredible opportunity to sort of learn how to sort of be in that genre ... they're really excited for me." This statement wasn't reassuring to those fans who adore Macfarlane on the Hallmark channel, and it only seemed to get worse as he continued his press tour for the film.

Macfarlane joked with the Los Angeles Times, "[Hallmark has] been very good to me, but I think I've told my story for now with those folks. I mean, how many firefighters can I play?" This seemed to be the confirmation many Hallmark channel fans needed to conclude that Macfarlane was not going to return to the network. It seemed as though he was going to focus on more blockbuster films and series, but Macfarlane may have just been teasing because he's far from done with the channel.

Luke Macfarlane will return to Hallmark

There's nothing like a good Hallmark Christmas film to get you in the holiday spirit, and Luke Macfarlane knows a thing or two about making one. Many of his projects with the network have revolved around a storyline during Christmas time, per QC Approved. And while he may have hinted in 2022 that he wouldn't be returning to the network, the actor can't resist a good holiday film.

Christmas came early for Hallmark fans because in July 2023 they got the gift of Macfarlane returning to the network, per The Hollywood Reporter. He shared, "Hallmark has been very good to me, and I have agreed to do a Christmas movie for them this year. So I'm adding to the canon." The "Bros" actor has always been open about how Hallmark changed his life and has praised the network for how it has treated him.

Macfarlane, who openly came out as gay in 2008, is appreciative of Hallmark's work with the LGBTQ+ community. He shared with The Hollywood Reporter, "Hallmark is absolutely making efforts to create queer content, and I applaud them for that. They've been often the butt of jokes about the sort of limited nature of their cast, but they've really changed that, and they're really continuing to do that. I think they're doing that not just for the press." So, maybe Macfarlane's upcoming film with Hallmark will have him starring in an LGBTQ+ relationship? Either way, fans are ecstatic about his comeback!