Bianca Censori's Unrecognizable Ye Makeover Has The Internet Divided

Kanye West loves himself a project. At one time, his subject was his first wife, Kim Kardashian. Ye was the driving force behind the evolution of Kim's new looks, taking her from heavy makeup and flashy, colorful clothes to a drastically toned down and monochrome look. Now they're divorced, Ye's new wife, Bianca Censori, has become his new enterprise, which is handy as let's face it, he's got plenty of time on his hands now Adidas and Gap have dropped him like a hot potato following his outrageous anti-semitic rants, per CNBC.

Ye's now channeling all his time and energy into his makeover of Censori, who used to look like a carbon copy of Kim but is changing by the day. Because what Ye wants, Ye gets. Kim struggled to deal with her now ex-husband's controlling obsession with style aesthetics, telling Khloe Kardashian that they once had an insane fight over a band-aid because he disapproved of the colors she had available. "I've slaved around the world making clothes for you to make sure that you find the best outfit," Kim claimed a disgruntled Ye complained about her sticking plaster selfishness.

Ye's new marriage with Censori means he's not Kim's headache anymore — well, most of the time. The new Mrs. West has become his latest blank canvas to project his ideals and vision onto. And there's no doubt he's made a remarkable difference in a concise amount of time. However, Bianca Censori's unrecognizable Ye makeover has the internet divided.

Thou shalt not Kim

When Bianca Censori first appeared on the Kanye West scene, she looked jaw-droppingly similar to his first wife, Kim Kardashian. With their long brown hair, sultry eyes, and curves to die for, they were doppelgängers. Now? Not so much. According to TMZ, Ye said "I do" with the Australian architect in January. And he's wasted no time working on his new renovation project.

Censori's brunette locks were chopped off and bleached blonde and her makeup was paired to a bare minimum. Ye's also been busy dressing his new mannequin to suit his very unique tastes. One of Censori's looks involved a black transparent sheath with a giant cowl neck covering her shoulders and half of her face. Her entire head was covered in a black net. But she's not mad at it. "Happy place," she captioned a pic posted on her Instagram.

Others begged to differ. "They are losing it," one comment reads, accompanied by several laughing emojis. "Something wrong with them," opined another. In contrast, one fan pondered if the couple had been cloned because Ye had been revealing too much about the Hollywood Illuminati. Another of Censori's unique Ye makeovers had the internet divided. She's dressed in a red, puffed-up superhero-style onesie. "You are such a beautiful woman. I really sincerely hope Kanye treats you right," wrote one fan. "What in the world is this lady wearing? First, it's a see-through bra, then a red skin-tight onesie? Hilarious!!" another commented.

Dare to bare

The blonde pixie-cut Bianca Censori was clad in a pair of lowrise monochrome paneled sweatpants and a braless crop top paired with some kitten heels for a date night with her husband Kanye West a couple of months ago. "He went and got himself a Pete Davidson," one fan commented on a YouTube short clip of the couple. "D***! Where is the fashion police! They have to get these 2 arrested!!!" wrote another. "Her face says, 'Oh, this why Kim left,'" one commenter snarked.

TMZ reports that Ye's also been styling Censori in some new up-and-coming designers. She recently modeled a look by Mowalola Ogunlesi, a couturiere that Ye had chosen to head up his now-defunct Gap design range. Well, it's certainly a change from the signature Gap khaki pants and white T., and it's definitely safe to say that Ogunlesi's design isn't for everyone.

It comprises a black cross-shaped piece of tape that covers Censori's private areas, a piece of fabric stuck on her neck stretching to just under her chest, allowing for plenty of side boobage, and a pair of crotch-high black pointed kitten-heel boots. "Freedom," she captioned a photo of the ensemble. "Christian women don't parade around like this. smh," one commenter wrote. "I don't understand how Kanye wanted Kim completely covered but now wants his wife naked in public," pondered another.

It's Ye's world...

Kanye West definitely left his mark on Kim Kardashian in more ways than one. To this day, Kim insists that all her staff is clad in color-coordinated monochrome outfits to work. She confessed on the Angie Martinez "IRL" podcast that everybody wears uniforms and is issued a handbook on what to wear, which includes "grays, heather gray, black, navy, white, cream, khaki... I mean, we can stick with all neutrals. Not a lot of color blocking." However, she admitted that she's finally feeling a "little bit of separation" from the Ye control roadshow now that he's removed from her everyday life. "But, I think that will always follow me," Kim said, sharing that she'll "always protect him in the eyes of my kids."

Meanwhile, Ye's moved on to craft his magic on Bianca Censori. And love it or loathe it, he's certainly had a remarkable influence on her style choices. Senior therapist & relationship expert Sally Baker told the Mirror that she believes it proves that Ye's new wife is "open to his influence" but that she's also attempting to establish a unique look.

"Getting married, having a child, or going through a divorce, can all lead to a desire to recalibrate how one looks," Baker said. "As the wife of Kanye West, Bianca Censori would now be exposed to the pressure of huge international media attention, and it is possible that she is using her new look as a way to establish her individuality."