Inside Kanye West's New Marriage With Bianca Censori

In late 2022, Kanye West had a very public descent into extreme antisemitism that not only tanked his already fractured reputation but cost him a lot of sponsorship deals. That December, West appeared in an incredibly troubling interview with Alex Jones, during which he praised Hitler, insisted that he was a Nazi, and denied the existence of the Holocaust. Before that, he went to dinner with Donald Trump and known white supremacist Nick Fuentes. His Twitter account was also deleted after he posted a swastika imposed onto a Star of David; Elon Musk, who had previously reinstated it after West was banned for promising to go "death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE," tweeted, "he again violated our rule against incitement to violence."

During those months, West also finalized his split from reality star Kim Kardashian, who first filed for divorce in February 2021 after West publicly accused her family of trying to have him locked up. As TMZ reported, he's set to pay $200,000 per month in child support for their four children, who will mostly be staying with Kardashian. They mutually agreed not to ask for any spousal support.

After finally leaving that seven-year marriage, however, the rapper seems to have dived into a new commitment with a mystery woman called Bianca Censori — even if they aren't actually legally married on paper. Keep reading to find out about this new chapter in Kanye West's turbulent life.

They were first spotted together in January

After Kanye West laid low over the holidays, he was suddenly spotted with a mystery woman in Beverly Hills by TMZ. What's more, the outlet claimed that the two had been seen together before. They were photographed going into the Waldorf Astoria on  January 9, 2023, and three days later, photos emerged of them eating dinner across from each other. Although she now had a short platinum blonde haircut instead of long brunette locks, similar to the dramatic hair transformation that Kim Kardashian underwent when she first got together with West, his companion was soon identified as Bianca Censori.

According to her LinkedIn, Censori is a University of Melbourne graduate who studied architecture and moved over to Los Angeles from Australia after West offered her the job of Architectural Designer at Yeezy in 2020. She also previously had her own jewelry line named Nylons, so the couple might share an interest in fashion outside of working together at West's infamous company. They were spotted shopping at Balenciaga together in January and were later snapped wearing similar black outfits in February. Of course, this isn't new for West – in the early days of his relationship with Kardashian, he acted as her personal stylist and gave her an edgy fashion overhaul. The rapper also took actor Julia Fox on her own shopping spree during their fling, buying her and four of her friends expensive Birkin bags as a surprise treat.

They got secretly married in a symbolic ceremony

The new relationship between Kanye West and Bianca Censori became even more intriguing when TMZ revealed that they had a secret wedding in January 2023. Although the pair seemingly haven't filed any marriage documents yet, they exchanged rings and spent a while honeymooning in Utah at the luxury Amangiri Resort, which costs $5,000 per night, according to The Sun. "Kanye and Bianca did have a small marriage ceremony, friends don't know if it's legal, but it's very real to them," an inside source insisted to Us Weekly. The event was completely private and not even Censori's family was told beforehand. "Ye had talked about having a wife again for months, living a Christian life, and cleaning up his wrongdoings," a friend told The Sun, explaining how West's commitment to his Christian faith led him to suggest marriage. "They snuck off, Ye cut his phone off and they made it happen and resurfaced married."

News of the mysterious ceremony reportedly prompted a worried reaction from the Kardashians, who didn't comment publicly about the new happy couple. "The family isn't taking this as a marriage yet," an unnamed tipster told Page Six, adding that they didn't have a clue whether it was authentic or a ploy for attention. The source also said Kim's family is trying to handle this as delicately as possible, as there are four children involved, too. 

Kim Kardashian already knew the mystery woman

When the news broke about Kanye West and Bianca Censori's symbolic marriage ceremony, many were curious about how his ex-wife Kim Kardashian would react. Although she had a highly publicized relationship with Pete Davidson and West had his own brief fling with actor Julia Fox in the aftermath of their split, West and Censori caught the world by surprise because they hadn't been spotted together before their unexpected wedding.

"I'm in my quiet girl era, I don't have much to say. Just much to do," Kardashian wrote in an Instagram Story on January 13, only a few days after TMZ first reported that West and Censori had been spotted together around Beverly Hills. "Just remember, the black sheep usually turns into the goat," the reality star wrote in another post, urging her followers to stay true to their own path. "People who want to see you win, will help you win. Remember that," she added.

Although TMZ called West's companion a "mystery blonde," Kardashian would have recognized her from working with her ex-husband. Censori had previously been employed by Yeezy for her architecture credentials in 2020 and according to the rumor mill, Kardashian wasn't a fan. "She's pretty. And Kim hates pretty girls," an inside source claimed to Page Six, explaining that the reality star supposedly disliked how much time her husband spent with the other woman at work.

Kanye West named a song after Bianca Censori

Kanye West isn't shy about working his real life into his art, as he has controversially proven time and time again. One of the most egregious examples of West working out his real life frustrations in music led to him threatening Pete Davidson through the music video for "Eazy," which showed a stop-motion animation version of the "Saturday Night Live" comedian being decapitated and buried. The lyrics also mentioned Davidson by name as the rapper threatened to beat him up.

In December 2022, the rapper unexpectedly dropped a new song on SoundCloud out of the blue, which was titled "Censori Overload." Although fans at the time assumed the title referred to West's struggle against his "censors," it became clear that it was actually a hint towards the surname of his new girlfriend, Bianca Censori. In "Censori Overload" includes lyrics like "And The Bible said / I can't have anymore sex / Till marriage," implying that West may have proposed marriage to Censori because of his longstanding Christian faith, which has also led him to come out as a pro-life, much to ex-wife Kardashian's displeasure. The song also seemed to reference his divorce from Kardashian ("Waking up to / "can't do this anymore" text") and suggest that his controversial behavior was the reason for their split ("I know it's 'cause the headlines / Why she wanna leave").

Her family called their surprise marriage 'very exciting'

Although they haven't been able to meet Kanye West yet, Bianca Censori's family spoke positively about the rapper to the Australian media. "It's very exciting news for both my sister and the family, but we choose to have some privacy for the time being," her sister Angelina Censori told The Herald Sun (via the New York Post). Another family member told the outlet that they were thrilled over the surprise development. 

They don't seem to be bothered by the age difference between the two despite the fact that at the time of their marriage, West was 45, making him 17 years older than the 27-year-old Censori. A source said in The U.S. Sun that the Australian architect is apparently a driving force in the relationship, adding, "She takes all his calls, and all business affairs go through her. It seems to be working out well so far." Censori has reportedly been in charge of the practical details around West's business ventures like Yeezy and Donda Academy since the pair became serious in mid-November.

West has been able to arrange a meeting between Censori and his family too, despite the lingering discomfort between the rapper and the mother of his children, reality star Kim Kardashian.

Bianca Censori met Kanye West's kids

At some point in the whirlwind, Kanye West introduced Bianca Censori to his children. In February 2023, a tipster told The U.S. Sun, "She's already met the kids and Ye spends time with them all at church and outings." According to the Daily Mail, Kanye and Censori first had dinner at Nobu with North West, his eldest daughter with ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and then went to the kids' basketball game together in January 2023. Kim was also present at the game but stayed by her sister Khloé Kardashian's ex, Tristan Thompson. 

The reality star might not be happy with this new development, but there may not be much she can do about it. An inside source claimed to the UK tabloid Heat, "Kim's lawyers explained she had no formal recourse to stop Bianca from spending time with the kids." They continued, "Bianca's no pushover, either – she's standing up to Kim and has clearly laid out her demands about how she expects to be treated, which is driving Kim up the wall." 

Kim reportedly had no choice but to negotiate with her ex-husband and Censori over how much time they spent with North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. "Kanye has made it very clear that Bianca isn't going anywhere," the insider continued, adding that they have also discussed how to incorporate any future boyfriends that Kim might bring around the children. "That doesn't take away how upset Kim is that she's been backed into a very uncomfortable corner."

Kanye West might have trouble visiting her home country

Kanye West lost a lot of fans with his antisemitism in 2022, which led to his corporate sponsors and partnerships cutting him off as well. Adidas terminated the Yeezy line, stating, "Ye's recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful, and dangerous." And other companies like Gap, Balenciaga, and Vogue followed suit. Forbes estimated all of this has knocked him down from his billionaire status.

His antisemitic comments might also mean that he's unable to visit Bianca Censori's family in Australia anytime soon since there's precedent for their government turning down visas over hate speech. Far-right pundit Milo Yiannopoulous had his right to visit overturned in 2019, for example, over comments he made about Islam. "People like that who've applied for visas to get into Australia in the past have been rejected," Australia's education minister Jason Clare said in an interview on Channel Nine, criticizing West's comments. "I expect that if he does apply he would have to go through the same process and answer the same questions that they did."

Peter Dutton, the leader of the opposition party, told the radio show 3AW that he would definitely consider banning West over his inflammatory hate speech. "His antisemitic comments are disgraceful, his conduct, his behavior are appalling," he insisted. "He's not a person of good character and the minister has the ability to stop somebody coming into our country of bad character."