Messy Details About Brett And Ryan From Married At First Sight's Split

In "Married at First Sight," couples meet for the first time at the altar and marry a complete stranger. Following their (possibly super-awkward) wedding night, they jet off on a honeymoon and then move in together. Finally, after just weeks, they decide to remain married or divorce. Well, that's Amore! What could possibly go wrong? A lot, it turns out. For example, Brett Layton and Ryan Ignasiak made their reality TV debut in "Married At First Sight" Season 13, and it ended in one hella' messy split.

Initially, it looked like Brett and Ryan's marriage stood a chance of succeeding. "I promise that my heart is open, ready to receive this blessing of life and partnership with you," a starry-eyed Brett said during her wedding vows. The chemistry was strong, and they jumped in for a steamy smooch before being told to. "You may now kiss Brett again!" The officiant announced, and they wasted no time in following orders.

However, the wedding ceremony cutaways to Ryan's multiple female friends snickering as he vowed to "love and respect" foreshadowed what was to come. Despite Brett's very best efforts throughout, Ryan just wasn't there for it, even after being told by the experts that he'd been partnered with bonafide "wife material." Ultimately, they weren't one of the "MAFS" couples who stayed together, resulting in a tearful breakup. And all the messy details about Brett and Ryan from Married at First Sight's split should prove a cautionary tale for other lovelorn singletons.

The app-gate scandal

Brett Layton and Ryan Ignasiak's "Married at First Sight" split was messy. Per People, Brett had put all of her faith in the show's matchmakers and fully trusted that she would marry her Mr. Right — which is kind of naïve as she professed to be a longtime viewer of the show. Meanwhile, Ryan felt pressured to bag himself a wife because he wanted kids and felt the clock ticking — which isn't really the best motivation for saying "I do."

And sure enough, it quickly became apparent that Ryan was far from ready to settle down. In fact, the Texan native struggled to find that elusive "spark" and raised the white flag way before decision day rolled around. Then, app-gate hit. "I got a text from a friend, like 10 minutes ago, that showed you are on a dating app," Brett told a wide-eyed Ryan. "And matched with someone that I know." Oh no, he didn't.

"I did download it today, but it's not active right now," a squirming Ryan insisted. "I can show you it's not active right now." Well, that's kind of beside the point. The damage was already done. "At the beginning, I had a lot of hope because it felt really different. But we never really got on the same page," Brett told crocodile tears Ryan on D-day. "I want a divorce." The husband doth not protest — at all. In fact, the "reformed serial dater" jumped straight on the train to Splitsville.

Single and ready to mingle

Ryan Ignasiak's roving eye, alleged womanizing, and reticence to commit resulted in his messy split from Brett Layton in Season 13 of "Married at First Sight." Still, he defended his track record in an interview with "Tamara Lynette Tales." Ryan claimed his "serial dater" image was blown out of proportion. "I slept with 50 women in three years," he explained. "I don't feel like that's crazy." Ryan proceeded to fluff his way through an explanation for downloading the dating app, claiming he was unaware he'd been active throughout the entire series.

"It was the biggest mistake I made on the show. Outside of not having the communication with Brett when we were having issues," he admitted. "It was stupid and very disrespectful of her." However, Ryan said he'd "really needed that distraction" and insisted he was so "traumatized" from app-gate that he hasn't downloaded one since.

A lot was made about the levels of effort Ryan made during his time on the show. Monsters and Critics Reality created a hilarious montage of "the excited faces of Ryan," and he was there for it. "Let's keep this going," he captioned a retweet of the meme. Meanwhile, unlike Brett, who has kept a low profile since the show, Ryan is out there, living his best life. His Instagram feed is full of pics of him swinging golf clubs, hanging out with the bros, chillaxin' in the pool, working up a sweat, and reading up on "intimacy styles."