Married At First Sight Season 13 Release Date, Cast, And Who Is Still Together Explained

"Married at First Sight" is returning for its 13th season this summer on Lifetime. While the show has evolved since its debut in 2014, it still remains true to its basic formula of matchmaking. In the popular reality show, two strangers agree to marry each other before ever meeting after being matched up by relationship experts. The series documents not only their wedding as well as how they handle married life. Eventually, after a few weeks together, each couple decides if they want to remain together or divorce.

In Season 13, there are 10 singles based in Houston, Texas, who are matched up by a panel of relationship specialists. The trailer for the newest season plays on the location in that viewers are told to "saddle up for a new season," adding that "the drama is bigger in Texas."

According to Parade, "Married at First Sight" is filmed over an eight-week period, which in past seasons usually culminates to around 17 episodes. This newest season has some pretty big shoes to fill, considering Season 12 of the reality show was "the most-watched season in franchise history on a single network," per Parade. Even before the success of Season 12, Lifetime picked up six new seasons — Seasons 12-17 — in one of the biggest TV orders ever, according to Deadline. It's clear that Lifetime has big plans for its flagship reality series, so let's break down what to expect on Season 13 of "Married at First Sight."

When will Married at First Sight Season 13 premiere?

Fans of "Married at First Sight" won't have to wait too long to watch Season 13. It's set to premiere on Lifetime on July 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. But if that's still too far away, the network already debuted this season's Matchmaking Special, which gives a glimpse of what's to come. Fans can also tune in for the show's Kickoff Special, which will air on July 14 at 8:00 p.m.

According to Parade, the Kickoff Special will feature Kevin Frazier as the host, as well as a panel of experts who will take a look at the upcoming season and share never-before-seen footage of how they go about the matchmaking process.

For fans who may be busy when "Married at First Sight" airs on Lifetime or who don't have cable, full episodes of the show will be available online at or the Lifetime app. Episodes can also be seen on the streaming services Fubo TV, Hulu With Live TV, Sling TV, and Philo.

Who will be in Married at First Sight Season 13?

Season 13 will feature 10 new people who will become the five "Married at First Sight" couples! Those couples will be Myrla and Gil, Brett and Ryan, Bao and Johnny, Michaela and Zack, and Rachel and Jose. Just from the trailer, fans already know that one of the couples has actually met before and that at least one cast member gets COVID-19.

According to Parade, leadership coach Myrla is confident the panel of experts will help her find love. And her partner, Gil, who was born and raised in Colombia, believes himself to be a hopeless romantic. Then there's Brett and Ryan, with Brett apparently being a big fan of the show. Ryan, meanwhile, grew up with a big family and seems more than ready to start his own.

This season will also feature the franchise's first Asian-American couple, Bao and Johnny, who chose to celebrate their union with a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. Bao is open to love after not considering marriage in her past, while Johnny is tired of using dating apps. There's also Michaela, a realtor who feels like it's her turn for marriage, and her partner, Zack, who at 27 feels like he's running out of time to settle down. Lastly, fans will meet Rachel, who often feels insecure while dating, and Jose, who has been frustrated that he can't seem to find a woman who wants something serious. Here's hoping that these five couples will last!

Who is still together from Married at First Sight?

While the formula of "Married at First Sight" may be risky, marrying a complete stranger and all, it worked out pretty well for some couples. According to TV Insider, a total of 12 couples from the show remain in wedded bliss to this day, including Jamie and Doug from all the way back in Season 1, who now have two children. Season 5 alums Anthony and Ashley are also still married and welcomed a daughter in 2019.

Another couple that made it were Jephte and Shawniece from Season 6, who had a daughter in 2018. From Season 7, Danielle and Bobby are still together and became a family of three when they welcomed their daughter in 2019. Season 8's Stephanie and AJ remain married despite AJ's temper. Also still together from that season are Kristine and Keith, who had to work through some issues. From Season 9, couples Deonna and Gregory, and Elizabeth and Jamie, are both still married, despite challenges of their own.

The later seasons seem to be more of a success. While only Jessica and Austin are still together from Season 10, Season 11 couples Bennett and Amelia, Amani and Woody, and Miles and Karen all remain married. As for the latest season, Ryan and Clara, Briana and Vincent, and Virginia and Erik are all still together. It appears that while getting married at first sight may be a risk, for some it was definitely worth it!