Why Married At First Sight Fans Are Changing Their Tune About Karen

New Orleans residents Miles Williams and Karen Landry-Williams were among the three out of five couples who opted to stay together on Married at First Sight Season 11. ICYMI, fans were not always in Karen's corner due to her on-camera demeanor toward her husband, Miles, as Soap Dirt noted. The chatter began as soon as the two exchanged "I Do's" after being matched and introduced by the show's experts, a moment that almost didn't happen when Karen accidentally learned Miles' identity moments before the ceremony (a big no-no in the MAFS world). From the start of their marriage experiment, Miles expressed his eagerness to build a genuine relationship with his new wife — but cameras showed Karen's more reserved approach to developing a bond with acclimated to her new husband. 

Of course, Karen had her reasons for being hesitant. During the couple's honeymoon trip to Mexico, Karen opened up about getting cheated on in her last relationship."My last relationship, he had a child with someone else while we were together," she revealed to Miles, per Distractify. "We had other problems, but that was the icing on the cake for me." Miles was quick to assure her, "I want you to feel like however long you need, I'm going to be here and I'm going to be patient."

Despite this heart-to-heart, the show's editing made it seem as though Karen wasn't that interested, and the health care professional caught a lot of heat during the season for her supposed stand-offishness. However, now many viewers have come around to the reality star — here's why.

Fans are in Karen Landry-Williams' corner

During season 11, Married At First Sight fans accused Karen Landry of being a "prude" for seemingly giving Miles Williams a hard getting to know her, according to Soap Dirt. However, as the show progressed, cameras captured the authentic bond the two newlyweds were able to build. Some viewers called out show producers for allegedly editing scenes to make Karen appear as a villain, Soap Dirt reported.

The tension between the two had gotten so bad that on Decision Day, Miles admitted he intentionally intended to get divorced, as noted by Cheat Sheet. But during the reunion show that aired in October 2020, Miles assured fans how real their love was and even shared how Karen satisfied him mentally and physically. She followed that up with a romantic Instagram photo of the two, expressing love for her husband. "Thank you for always hearing and seeing me even when it was hard," she said in the caption. "Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for sharing your full self and for allowing me to share my full self too. Thank you for being the man that you are." In November 2020, Miles shared a fashionable photo of the couple that scored over 39,000 likes. 

Fans have come around to Karen now that it's clear she and Miles have a strong bond, with someone commenting on her Instagram, "Love your partnership and love that you decided to do the work and stay married! Wishing you all the best!" Another person said, "I'm elated that you all did the work and are still together! Continued blessings on your blossoming marriage!"