Married At First Sight's Beth And Jamie Reveal How Catching COVID-19 Brought Them Closer Together - Exclusive

Married at First Sight fans will recognize Elizabeth "Beth" Bice and Jamie Thompson from the ninth season of the hit Lifetime show, which was filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina. Well, fans are about to get another inside look at Beth and Jamie's marriage on Season 2 of the spin-off series Married at First Sight: Couples Cam. The open and honest pair continues to share even the most intimate aspects of their relationship with viewers, and that's why they've been winning over even more fans on social media.

Beth and Jamie moved to Santa Barbara, Calif. during the pandemic when they realized they needed to be settled into a house and closer to the beach. As Beth explained to Nicki Swift, "Honestly, we were in San Francisco and we knew the second lockdown was inevitable. So we were like, 'All right, let's get a house, let's get comfortable.'" However, the past year has been far from smooth sailing for the reality TV stars, as both Beth and Jamie contracted COVID-19. Nicki Swift spoke with Married at First Sight: Couples Cam's Beth and Jamie about how they dealt with contracting COVID-19 at the same time, and what they learned about their marriage in the process.

Beth and Jamie got through COVID-19 together

The coronavirus pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for people everywhere. And when Married at First Sight: Couples Cam's Jamie Thompson and Beth Bice both caught COVID-19, they found themselves leaning on one another like never before. As Jamie told Nicki Swift, "COVID was tough, but it was nice that we caught it together. Because I showed symptoms and then 12 hours later, if that, Beth was showing symptoms, so we both knew. And then it was just getting through it at that point." 

In fact, Beth and Jamie relied on one another to get through the illness. "And I think it helped our relationship," Jamie explained. "I hate to say that ... It seems strange to say that, but we really had to team up together and get through this thing."

"Yeah, it did bring us together," Beth told Nicki Swift. "Clearly I handled it better. I took care of us. Us women, we can handle those things better, but no, he was a bit of a baby about it." As Beth explained, her husband rarely gets sick, which is what made dealing with a COVID-19 diagnosis much more difficult for him. "Because Jamie, he never gets sick, he's never had surgery or anything," Beth said. "So I don't think you've ever really broken anything severely or anything like that. So it was kind of funny to watch him handle how he got COVID."

Beth says Jamie was a difficult patient

Married at First Sight: Couples Cam will give fans a behind the scenes look at Jamie Thompson and Beth Bice's home life, which hasn't been without its challenges. And after testing positive for COVID-19, Beth and Jamie took care of one another. "I usually don't get sick," Jamie told Nicki Swift. "Yeah, I don't take medications and things like that. And so having this, this was like, 'What the hell is going on?'" In fact, Beth took on more of a caregiver role during the scary time. "He was a hard patient," she explained. "He was a really difficult patient."

As for what contracting COVID-19 was really like, Beth warned, "Don't get it. Just stay in your four walls. It's okay, stay in your bubble. You don't want it." In fact, Beth's description of her experience might encourage more people to stay home. "It's awful, it hurts, it takes like three weeks of your life," Beth said. "You know when you have the flu, it's like two or three days of feeling really achy and feverish? Take that and do two weeks of that. And you finally crack your fever at the end of those two weeks. And it's an aggravating fever ... So you're constantly just sleeping through it." 

All that being said, getting over the virus ultimately brought Beth and Jamie even closer together. As Beth told Nicki Swift, "If you didn't catch COVID in your marriage together, did you even have a marriage?"

If you've been wondering how any of your favorite reality TV couples have been doing, tune into Married at First Sight: Couples Cam on Lifetime.