Married At First Sight: Inside Brett And Ryan's Marriage

"Married at First Sight" is returning to Lifetime for Season 13 and that means we're getting ten all-new contestants who agree to marry a complete stranger before ever meeting after being matched up by relationship experts. From those ten, five couples are created and Season 13 sees all the couples based in Texas. Among them is Ryan and Brett, who like the rest, will go from their wedding to their honeymoon to moving in together. After a few weeks, they must make the decision to either stay together or get divorced. Ahh!

When it comes to Brett and Ryan, it's clear both are hoping to find their happily-ever-after on the show. According to People, Brett has even been a longtime fan of the series and really trusts the process that the matchmakers go through when pairing up couples. While the hopeful romantic is originally from New Jersey, she considers Houston, Texas her true home and believes that marriage will make her life better there.

As for Ryan, he was born in Texas and even grew up in a small town where his grandparents and extended family all lived within walking distance of one another. Yet, Ryan feels pressure to start a family of his own. His dream is to be an active father who can coach a son's baseball team or fight off his daughter's dates. It appears that both Ryan and Brett are more than ready for their next chapter to begin.

Both Ryan and Brett seem more than ready

"Married at First Sight" couple Ryan and Brett appear to be a good match in that they share a lot of core similarities but still enough differences to balance each other out. According to Monsters and Critics, both Ryan and Brett want to have a home and family of their own, but each feel like their time to do so is running out. Yet, the experts feel that this common desperation could be a source of problems for the couple.

When asked by relationship coach Pastor Cal in the "Married At First Sight: Matchmaking Special" why he isn't married yet, Ryan revealed (via Hollywood Life), "I've had some really good relationships. For one reason or another I didn't take that next step," but added, "I have absolutely been ready." He's hoping in Brett that he'll finally "have someone to cook for." Brett on the other hand is looking for a good conversationalist since she says she's an outgoing talker who loves to discuss things. She also values loyalty and her dream is that she'll love Ryan's personality so they'll want to stick together forever.

The experts feel that while Ryan is more of a manly man, he does have a sensitive side and needs a woman with more depth, like Brett. With that said, perhaps Ryan and Brett do have a shot at a long and happy life together!