How Nick Cannon's Younger Brother Gabriel Landed In Legal Trouble

A little over a decade ago, "Claim to Fame" alum and younger brother to Nick Cannon, Gabriel Cannon, had a brush with the law. However, several years down the line, the events surrounding the situation are still a little murky. So, what do we know about the bizarre situation?

Back in 2011, just days after Nick and then-wife Mariah Carey hosted a baby shower for their twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, Gabriel was arrested on allegations of robbery and assault. As reported by Today, Gabriel and a few other men called a meeting with father and son Alex and Alejo Moreno — both of whom worked for a production company that shot a reality show with Gabriel. However, the Morenos alleged that it was all a ruse and that Gabriel and his associates assaulted them, stealing their cameras and jewelry.

Gabriel — along with the other assailants — ended up in custody, although they were released not long after. More specifically, they were let go when the Morenos' individual statements raised eyebrows. A surprising twist, no doubt — and more than 10 years later, Gabriel has never addressed what exactly happened that night. So, just what do we know about the allegations, the fallout, and the final outcome? 

The Morenos' statements didn't add up

In the wake of Gabriel Cannon's arrest, Alex and Alejo Moreno shared their statements with North Hollywood police. However, it seems as though whatever they had to say wasn't adding up. 

As was reported by Patch at the time, police Sgt. Frank Albarran told the press that, interviewed separately, Alex and Alejo's statements were inconsistent. He didn't give details regarding what the father and son had said. That wasn't all, though: Albarran also revealed that the items taken weren't the private property of the Morenos in the first place. Again, the authorities didn't go into any further detail as to who said items belonged to. That said, it does seem as though the cameras in question may have been those of the studio they were working for. After all, as Alejo had said in an interview with KCAL, "They took both of our cameras, the ones we work with every day" (via Daily Breeze). As for the jewelry, that was never publicly addressed. 

All that said, even if he didn't steal the Morenos' private property, it certainly does seem as though Nick Cannon's sibling had done something he shouldn't have that night.

... but camera footage paints an interesting picture

While Gabriel Cannon wasn't found guilty of a robbery, camera footage from the evening hints that something went wrong in a planned confrontation that night. 

In footage released by ICU Network, a man — seeming to be Gabriel — is seen taking two cameras out of a room. One remains on and captures him running with it to a car. However, once in the car, the video itself stops. The camera continues to record audio, and it's clear that he and others get out of the car at one point for a confrontation. Upon getting back into the car, he and the unknown driver get into an argument, with the driver slamming everyone involved for taking something too far. "You guys suck, man. I told you not to f**king do that," a clearly annoyed driver complains. Later on, he calls out Gabriel specifically. "Gabriel ... man, f**k! Dude, how you go off the f**king plan like that?" he complains. Later on in the drive, he lashes out at Gabriel once again. "Goddammit, Gabriel. Just f**king lines you crossed here, man," he adds. 

It's worth noting that the video's description says Gabriel was released and that the police ultimately determined that there hadn't been a robbery after all. Neither he nor Nick Cannon have spoken about the situation publicly, so it's unlikely we'll ever get to the bottom of this bizarre brush with the law.