Drake's Son Adonis Lives An Extremely Lavish Life

Drake's son, Adonis Graham is definitely living it up. Going against celeb tradition, Drake introduced his son to the world under unique terms. Instead of taking to Instagram and surprising his 141 million fans with the news of Adonis — who was born in 2017 — or getting spruced up for an expensive photoshoot, Drake brought the public up to speed with his song, "Emotionless." Granted, it was after his rap rival, Pusha T confirmed the circulating rumors that Drake had indeed conceived a child with Sophie Brussaux, despite his previous assertions stating the opposite. In a 2018 song, Drake rapped "I wasn't hidin' my kid from the world / I was hidin' the world from my kid" (via People).

Since that day, Drake totally embraced the new chapter of his life and has also started to flaunt his goal-worthy bond with Adonis to the world. He's also flaunted Adonis' lavish lifestyle, which includes a ton of luxuries regular people would love to experience. Of course, Drake certainly has the monetary resources to go all out. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Drake is worth $250 million. And he enjoys spending it. According to People, Drake recently gave one of his fans a Birkin bag, which is reportedly worth around $30,000. "Drake ain't cheap!" the rapper reportedly said as he attempted to find the perfect fan to share his wealth with. If he'll spend that much money on a fan, then you can imagine the kind of life Adonis leads.

Drake spares no expense for Adonis

Drake is not afraid to spend some cash on his son, Adonis. Over the years, Drake has treated Adonis to some pretty cool experiences for a boy his age. According to The Sun, Adonis' fourth birthday was a super in-demand event for the five and under crowd. Drake spared no expense as he threw Adonis a party that he documented via his Instagram account. The party was chock-full of fun attractions, including a face-painting booth and, of course, a basketball court — a place the father and son have spent plenty of time at (via People). Except they're usually sitting courtside at NBA games.

Drake also extends his generosity to Sophie Brussaux, despite their previous disagreement over paternity. According to the Daily Mail, Drake flew Adonis and his mom out to see him during Christmas break 2018. And no, they weren't in coach or even first-class seats. They were on a private jet! Apparently, Drake "chartered a private jet for them on Christmas," shared an anonymous source. Drake has also enriched Adonis' life by introducing him to new, fun experiences. In 2021, Adonis accompanied Drake as he accepted his "Artist of the Decade" award during the Billboard Awards, per Variety

Drake offers Adonis balance

Even though Adonis has already experienced way more than most kids his age, Drake doesn't give him everything he wants. Drake put his foot down while at a Raptors game with Adonis when the little boy attempted to double up on candy, according to Ace Showbiz. Although it's impossible to know exactly what Drake said, it's clear from his wagging finger that he was serious about keeping Adonis from spoiling his dinner.

Perhaps Drake's insistence on defining boundaries for his son is the reason that he can also enjoy regular childhood pastimes, such as collecting rocks with his mom, Sophie Brussaux. In June 2022, Brussaux posted an adorable photo of herself and Adonis kneeling on the ground looking for rocks. "Stacking up rocks is apparently a hobby of ours," Brussaux captioned the Instagram photo. With that said, Drake may be more lenient than he previously let on. Later that month, Drake and Adonis made another appearance at a Raptors game, where the Raptors mascot showered Adonis with a mountain of candy choices. This time, Drake didn't intervene, though it's possible this was just some super adorable PR.