Joy Behar's Daughter Eve Is All Grown Up And Lives A Normal Life

Joy Behar has made the spotlight her home. As a comedian and television host, her career depends on it. But that doesn't extend to her family. The co-host of "The View" has been married twice, both times to men outside of showbiz. Between 1965 and 1981, Joy was married to Joe Behar, a college professor. A year later, Joy met Steve Janowitz, whom she called her boyfriend until they wed nearly three decades later. Like Joe, Janowitz is also an educator — a middle-school math teacher.

Her partners aren't the only people in her inner-circle who keep a low profile. In 1970, Joy welcomed her only child, a daughter called Eve, with Joe. While Joy has no issues discussing any subject on national television, she barely addresses her daughter. That's how Eve likes it. "I was told early on by my daughter, 'Leave me out of your stand-up act, don't talk about me on 'The View' unless it's super, super complimentary,'" Joy said in a November 2022 episode.

While that's mostly true, Joy has embarrassed Eve on the show. In 2018, she recalled having to explain the concept of sex to her daughter at age 4, when they saw an image of lions procreating on National Geographic. "She said, 'Is that how you and daddy do it?' And I said, 'Not necessarily in that particular way.' She said, 'When you do, do you go roar?'" Joy laughed. With the exception of a few mentions, Eve is happy living a normal life.

Eve Behar Scotti is a successful artist

Eve Behar Scotti didn't follow in Joy Behar's footsteps in the entertainment industry. But she almost did. Eve began her professional life in television production, but that's not where her heart was. While she worked, Eve began exploring her passion for the arts. In 1991, she took a ceramics class in her native New York. Eventually, Eve decided to turn her passion into a career. In the early '90s, Eve studied crafts and design at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Ontario, Canada.

In 1995, she took her work to the next level, spending a year in Florence, Italy, studying ceramics, painting, and art history at the Studio Arts Centers International. Clay provided the best medium for Eve to both express her vision and connect with the audience. "Utilitarian ceramic art provides a direct link of connectivity between the maker and the user," she wrote on her website. Now Eve runs her own ceramics studio from her home in Sag Harbor, New York.

According to the New York Post, Eve has owned the home since May 2021, when her mother transferred the five-bed, four-bath estate to her. Before taking her talents to the beachside, Eve lived in an Upper West Side apartment where she counted Joy among her neighbors. Despite being a Manhattanite, Eve is happier in nature. "[I] was lucky to live next to Forest Park and loved exploring what seemed like deep woods," she wrote, describing her childhood. 

Eve Behar Scotti is also a wife and a mother

In September 2007, Eve Behar married Alphonso Anthony Scotti, then a physician assistant. In early 2011, Eve and Alphonso started a family with the birth of a son, Luca. In a November 2011 episode of Anderson Live, Joy Behar introduced her grandson, then 8 months, who was in the audience with Eve and Alphonso. "He's extremely brilliant. He says various things: mama, dada, e=mc squared," she joked. 

Joy described the rush of dopamine she got from meeting him. "You know when you're first in love with a guy, and you're running towards each other in slow motion," Joy told Anderson Cooper.  "You just can't get enough of each other. It's like that, only it's your baby. It's like you love them. Just stare at each other, and suck on each other's faces." Joy tries to be a good influence on Luca, but she doesn't always succeed.

When he was 4, Luca dropped the F-bomb while playing on his iPad, Joy shared on "The View" in 2015, which prompted Whoopi Goldberg to wonder whom he'd learned to curse from. "I don't say it in front of him ... maybe near him," Joy joked. "That kid's got supersonic hearing." Jokes aside, Luca made Joy want to fight for her convictions even harder. "I don't want my grandson growing up in a world where there are poisons in the atmosphere and worries about a nuclear war," she told Closer Weekly in 2017.