Are Jenna Davis And Liv Swearingen Really Sisters? Here's What We Know

Content creators, Jenna Davis and Liv Swearingen have amassed some serious views in their videos of sisterly dynamics, but there seems to be a ton of confusion over whether or not they're actually related.

Let's start from the very beginning. Davis and Swearingen first shared content claiming they were sisters back in March 2023. In a YouTube video titled, "It's Time You Meet My Sister ..." Davis revealed that she was a younger sibling, and had an older sister. The "Raven's House" alum also shared that the reason fans hadn't heard of her in the past was, "Just because my sister literally has not been home in years." Sure enough, Swearingen joined along for the ride — and a number of arguments ensued. However, as Swearingen jokingly pointed out, "When you have a sister, and you're close, it's like, you get on each other's nerves." Fair enough. 

Since then, the two have gone on to release several videos together on Davis' channel, from being handcuffed to one another for a day, to prank videos ... however, let's just say the real prank victims are their fans. Unfortunately for anyone who wanted to believe the content creators and budding singers were siblings, that couldn't be further from the truth. So, what's the deal with their ruse?

They admitted to being friends in their first video together

Despite spending nearly 20 minutes as sisters in their initial YouTube video together, Liv Swearingen and Jenna Davis clarified right at the very end that they were not, in fact, related. "It's kind of minor, and honestly, it doesn't matter, but ... we're not actually sisters," Davis revealed. Cue Swearingen, laughing, "Did we get you, though?" 

As for what prompted their decision to play the part, Swearingen shared that she did believe they had been, "Sisters in another life." Both also joked that they should undergo DNA testing to see if there was any truth to it. No word on whether they've gone down that road yet. However, even if they haven't, it' safe to say they're committed to the cause. These days, the two release videos fairly regularly of their escapades. What's more, while their first video came with the sisters-but-not-really disclaimer, it appears that's a thing of the past. It's not all that surprising, then, that the comments sections of their videos together are filled to the brim with confused viewers. "I am so confused are they sisters or not they have different last names ... " wrote one fan in response to a video they released in July 2023. "POV : u were shocked when u saw that jenny Davis was liv from amp worlds sister," wrote another. 

Hey, if it's good for engagement ...

... but sisters or not, they're in each others' corners

Liv Swearingen and Jenna Davis might not be sisters IRL, but they are certainly cheerleaders for one another. Case in point: they regularly hype one another up on social media, both in their posts and in the comments sections beneath them. 

In response to an August 2023 Instagram post by Swearingen opening up about reconnecting with her beliefs as she pursues her dreams, Davis gushed, "Absolutely beautiful. love uuu & this." As for Swearingen, she's previously used her platform to bring attention to Davis' movie with "Girls" alum, Allison Williams, "M3gan." In a video shot in a car, which seems to have been part of what was filmed on the day they filmed their original "It's Time You Meet My Sister" video, Swearingen egged Davis on to speak in the voice of her character, the titular M3gan. Davis delivered — then playfully locked the car doors and instructed her friend to run. The video racked up 32 million views on YouTube alone. 

Over on Swearingen's Instagram, the video scored 1.2 million views — and a couple of comments pointing out their physical similarities. "Is that ur twin?" wrote one. Another remarked, "You guys look like sisters." If only they knew!