Simon Cowell And His Fiancée Lauren Silverman Have Quite The Age Gap

When it comes to Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman's love, age is just a number. The couple's 18-year age difference doesn't seem to be a problem for the two lovebirds, who've been together for a number of years.

Cowell and Lauren first crossed paths in Barbados back in 2004, per People. As Lauren was married to entrepreneur Andrew Silverman when they met, she and Cowell didn't start dating right off the bat. Yet, in 2012, rumors flew that the two had been having an affair. A year later, an insider told Us Weekly, "Lauren has loved Simon forever. And they started having an affair four years ago."

In 2013, a lot had changed. Lauren and Andrew filed for divorce, with an insider telling People that Silverman had been "unhappy in her marriage" for a long time. It was confirmed that Cowell and Lauren were in a relationship and were expecting a child together. The insider added that Lauren was "ecstatic to be with Simon." In 2014, their son Eric was born. Things came full circle when Cowell popped the question to Lauren during a trip to Barbados in December 2021. Since Cowell's proposal, the TV personality has dropped some hints about his future wedding.

Details about Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman's upcoming wedding

When discussing the details of his upcoming wedding with Lauren Silverman, Simon Cowell has changed his tune quite a bit. In April 2022, he told The Sun that he was completely in charge of planning the big day, as he didn't want a wild celebration with too many people. He added, "No one knows when it's going to be — that'll be a surprise, even for Lauren." Cowell shared that he's not a fan of wedding planners and pointed out the stressors of the process.

Yet, several months later, Cowell gave a completely different take on his role in planning the wedding. While speaking to Entertainment Tonight on the "America's Got Talent" red carpet the following August, he said that he's "not involved" in planning out the particulars of the celebration and was letting Silverman take the lead. But Cowell did express his wish to have a puppy at the occasion. He even liked the thought of having the furry friend be the ring-bearer.

Then, in December 2022, Cowell revealed that he may not be having a traditional, planned out wedding. In another chat with The Sun (via Mirror) he said, "I like to make everything spontaneous, and doing that will make it a lot more fun." While he didn't share what his and Silverman's special day would look like, he teased, "I don't think we'll be getting married in Las Vegas, but whatever we do will definitely be fun."

Lauren Silverman and son Eric are supportive of Simon Cowell

Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell may not officially be husband and wife yet, but the pair doesn't need the married label to prove their love. The couple and their son Eric seem like one happy family. Silverman and Eric are often right by Cowell's side at important events, like the star's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. In his speech, Cowell gave some props to Silverman, saying, "Lauren, you've been my rock for the past few years, put up with everything I put up with." The family clearly loves spending quality time together. In February 2023, Cowell took to Instagram to share pictures of him, Silverman, and Eric at the Chelsea Football Club. Posing with the team's lion mascots, the trio looked incredibly excited to be sharing the experience. "We had the best time at @chelseafc," Cowell wrote.

Cowell is a caring and devoted father who's become very family-oriented. He said, "Being a dad is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love every second I spend with him," per Mirror. Cowell also revealed his desire to grow his family. He said, "Will it happen? I don't know but would I love another kid? Yeah." In addition, Cowell has established a healthy work-life balance. Unlike his younger years, Cowell has set firm boundaries on his work hours and now prioritizes time with his family on weekends.