The Untold Truth Of Simon Cowell's Girlfriend, Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell's relationship with his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, has been a bit messy since the start. The two have been dating for years and share a son, Eric, but here's what we know about Silverman outside her relationship with the TV and music mogul.

Unlike her British counterpart, Silverman was born and raised in the United States. She's often been referred to as a New York socialite, but she was raised in Miami, according to Closer Weekly. Before starting her relationship with the American Idol alum, Silverman was married to American real estate mogul and entrepreneur Andrew Silverman, who is the father of Lauren's first child, Adam. The former couple were actually friends with Cowell and used to vacation together ... and it was reportedly while they were all on holiday years ago, per Us Weekly, that Lauren allegedly struck up an affair with Simon. Awkward.

According to The U.S. Sun, she has kept a residence in New York since her ex-husband and eldest son still live there, but Silverman and the America's Got Talent judge also have homes in Los Angeles and in the UK. Despite their rocky split, the Silvermans share custody of Adam and amicably co-parent these days. "Simon's house is now a family home," Lauren told HOLA! magazine, quipping, "I have three boys now, including him. He's a great dad. He's lots of fun, he makes us all laugh a lot." But how else does Simon Cowell's girlfriend spend her time?

Lauren Silverman enjoys simple days with her kids and dogs

Aside from her pretty public relationship with Simon Cowell, we actually don't know a whole lot about Lauren Silverman. Part of this is due to the messy circumstances in which they started dating, which has unfortunately overshadowed much of the rest of her life. Despite the fact that those days are years in the past, Silverman flies much more under the radar now.

That said, Silverman pops up from time to time, sometimes with Cowell at his events, but also just with her kids and dogs. In the summer of 2020, for example, Silverman was sighted with the whole brood on a walk in Malibu, Calif. during the COVID-19 lockdown, as shared by the Daily Mail. So, we're pretty convinced she's an animal-lover!

Silverman has also been on hand to help Cowell through his back injury and subsequent recovery since August 2020, according to Us Weekly. That October, a source cited by the publication said that Cowell was up and moving around and keeping active with Silverman. "It's become an ongoing joke that Lauren has to run to keep up with him," the insider added. Not to mention, she's also apparently a pro at making "homemade Italian bean soup," the source claimed, noting that this just happens to be Cowell's favorite.

Their beginnings may have been the stuff of scandal, but Simon Cowell's relationship with girlfriend Lauren Silverman seems to be stronger than ever.