How Many Grandchildren Does Nicolas Cage Have?

Nicolas Cage is a multi-award-winning actor born into a famous family, but many may not know that he's also a doting father — and grandfather. He first became a dad in 1990 when he welcomed his son Weston Coppola with his then-girlfriend, Christina Fulton. His second son, Kal-El Coppola, was born in October 2005 to his then-wife, Alice Kim. Following his two sons, Cage became the dad of his only daughter to date, August Francesca Coppola Cage, in April 2022. "It's interesting because I had never had a daughter until now. ... It's a new adventure," he shared with ET.

Being a dad didn't come without its struggles. Cage's eldest son, Weston, struggled with alcohol abuse. After becoming sober in 2012, he went on to have his son Lucian in 2014 with his then-wife Danielle, and Cage officially became a grandfather for the first time. "My dad is ecstatic. He was elated immediately when he met Danielle," Weston declared, per Us Weekly. Since then, the "Lord of War" star has had the joy of welcoming more grandchildren, and his love for his growing family knows no bounds.

Nicolas Cage is a proud grandfather of four

When Nicolas Cage welcomed his first grandson, Lucian Augustus, in 2014, he couldn't help but gush. "I love it. Every second," he told People, adding that his favorite thing about Lucian is "his smile." Weston Coppola, who looks just like the actor, praised his father's granddad duties and shared, "Lucian is very rowdy. So we all take turns making sure he's stimulated. My dad loves him. He's a phenomenal grandfather." He also attributed his parenting skills to Cage. "I believe that a lot of the morals and philosophies that I will teach to my son definitely comes from my father. He was an amazing father to me," he told ET shortly after his son's birth.

As noted by Hollywood Life, Weston went on to have his second son, Sorin Reid, with his then-wife Danielle on May 29, 2016. Shortly thereafter, the couple split and Weston moved on with Hila Aronian. The two married in April 2018 and welcomed their twin daughters, Cyress Zara and Venice Zohar, in April 2020. Unfortunately, Weston's marriage to Aronian didn't last either, and his drama with his exes ended up involving Cage.

Nicolas Cage helped take care of his grandchildren

Nicolas Cage is all about helping his family. As reported by The Blast, Weston Coppola was ordered to pay his ex-wife, Danielle, $8,000 a month for "family support." According to the documents, Cage was providing his son with $16,000 a month to help with the monthly payouts. The "Con Air" actor again got involved in Coppola's divorce with Hila Aronian. In a lawsuit to attain more spousal and child support from Coppola, Aronian claimed Cage promised her he would help take care of her twins after they were born, according to Radar. According to her statement, the actor told her, "It's an impossibly strange feeling to know that I failed as a father while welcoming my grandchildren today. I want you to know, circumstances; life gets in the way sometimes — however, what comes next, I hope you know I will protect you and your children — it will be on me." Coppola and Aronian are set to hash it out in court at a later date.

Despite his contentious splits, it seems Coppola tries to see his oldest sons whenever he can. In May, he posed next to the young boys alongside his current beau. "It's been a successful month in many ways. @ermelinda.manos and I had a wonderful trip to the east coast to visit these godly boys. I am so grateful to be able to call them my sons and that they have a third parent now as they adore Ermelinda," he shared.