What We Know About Eddie Murphy & Will Smith's Communication Post-Golden Globes Joke

Will Smith's infamous slap targeting Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars was controversial and polarizing in more ways than one. Also commonly dubbed as the "slap heard across the world," it spawned debates and think pieces from fans and media and resulted in jokes from various comedians, including Jimmy Kimmel (at the 2023 Oscars, no less) and Eddie Murphy.

At the 2023 Golden Globes, Murphy went up on stage to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award, a lifetime achievement trophy given to veterans who have made strides in the entertainment industry, and to roast Smith, much to the surprise of fans. The "Norbit" star was happy to accept the recognition, of course, but not without cracking a few jokes on stage. After his list of thank you's, he offered wise words and pointers to fledgling comedians wanting to make it in the business as he did. "There is a definitive blueprint that you can follow to achieve prosperity and peace of mind," Murphy declared. "Pay your taxes, mind your business, and keep Will Smith's wife's name out of your f***ing mouth." 

It was a perfectly delivered joke that drew laughs and cheers from the crowd, but did it elicit any reaction from Smith himself? Eh, not so much.

Eddie Murphy didn't hear back from Will Smith

Eddie Murphy's joke was never meant as a shade to Will Smith and was all in good fun. According to the "Daddy Day Care" star, he has nothing but love for everyone involved in the controversy. "Yeah, because in reality, I've worked with Jada," he told ET when asked why he made the joke. "I love Will. I love Will, and I love Chris — and it's all love." He also told Extra that if he were the host at the time, he would have alluded to the slap anyway just to clear the air. "I would have worked that joke that I did right in there some kind of way... You have to say something about it, then you move on," he said.

But he added that Smith has yet to reach out to him regarding his joke, although he's not exactly expecting him to. "No, I haven't heard from anybody," he dished to E! News. "But I don't think it's something that you would even call about. It was a good joke, a funny joke. And I love him, I love Chris, and it's all love." If Eddie Murphy says it's all love twice, then it must really be all love!

Are Eddie Murphy and Will Smith friends?

Eddie Murphy and Will Smith aren't exactly what you'd call best buds, but you can consider them good friends. In an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," Smith shared that Murphy was one of his idols. In fact, he met the comedy legend when he was just starting out. "I met Eddie when I first came to LA. Eddie is one of those dudes who's like the standard of excellence, you know," Smith said. "Every young comedian, every black actor, you know, you want to test yourself against Eddie. You want to see. He's the truth, man."

True enough, decades later, even after he had established a name for himself in show business, Smith divulged that he still looks up to Murphy, to the point that he gets starstruck whenever they cross paths. "Listen, when I see Eddie, it's full little boy." the "Bad Boys" actor said in an interview with Seth Meyers. "I go... It's full... [intelligible screeching]. I try to hold it together. That's the godfather right there, man. He's the one."

Even after all these years, Smith remains a big Murphy fanboy, so he probably wouldn't have minded the little quip the comedian made at the Golden Globes. As Murphy said, it's all love.