Celebs React To President George H.W. Bush's Death

Former President George H.W. Bush passed away on Nov. 30, 2018, at 94 years old. Having served as vice president under President Ronald Reagan and later as the 41st president of the United States, Bush was an American icon, cementing his place in history as a world leader who focused on foreign policy (via USA Today). Of course, not only was he a politician, but he was also a family man, who was married to wife Barbara for 73 years before she died in April 2018. Together, he and Barbara had six children — George W. (who became the 43rd president of the United States), Jeb (former Governor of Florida), Dorothy, Neil, Marvin, and Pauline, the latter of whom passed away when she was a child.

Given his immense fame as the former commander in chief of the United States, it's no surprise that many have reacted publicly to his death, including several famous faces. From members of the political world to Hollywood stars, here are some of the celebs who have reacted to the news of George H.W. Bush's passing.

Donald Trump

Following the news of President George H.W. Bush's passing, President Donald J. Trump took to Twitter to share his thoughts with the American public. First, he released a prepared statement commending Bush's work in politics and his devotion to his family. "His example lives on, and will continue to stir future Americans to pursue a greater cause," the statement read, in part. "Our hearts ache with his loss, and we, with the American people, send our prayers to the entire Bush family, as we honor the life and legacy of 41."

Then, in a separate tweet, Trump said that Bush had enjoyed a "long, successful and beautiful life." He continued, "Whenever I was with him I saw his absolute joy for life and true pride in his family. His accomplishments were great from beginning to end." He added, "He was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all!"

Ellen DeGeneres

America's sweetheart, comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, also spoke out about George H.W. Bush's death. In a tweet, DeGeneres shared a memory involving the 41st president, recalling how he'd helped out following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She wrote, "I will never forget George H.W. Bush and President Clinton meeting me in my old hometown of New Orleans to show support and raise money after Hurricane Katrina." DeGeneres went on, "I send my love to his family tonight."

George W. Bush and Jeb Bush

George H.W. Bush's family has, of course, spoken out about their family's loss — most notably, former President George W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. George W. shared a statement on the George W. Bush Presidential Center website about his father's death, writing, "Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Doro, and I are saddened to announce that after 94 remarkable years, our dear Dad has died. George H. W. Bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for." The statement continued, "The entire Bush family is deeply grateful for 41's life and love, for the compassion of those who have cared and prayed for Dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens."

Rather than issue a lengthy statement, Jeb Bush remarked on his father's death by tweeting, "I already miss the greatest human being that I will ever know. Love you Dad!"

Goldie Hawn

Actress Goldie Hawn was another celebrity who took to social media to process the death of President George H.W. Bush. In a tweet posted in the early morning of Dec. 1, 2018, the First Wives Club star wrote, "My heart aches knowing George Bush 41 has passed." Describing him as an "authentic caring human being who never hid his truth," Hawn said, "He will always remind us 2 exemplify that winning will never be our legacy. His love for life and family will live on." She also added, "RIP dear soul."

Jenna Bush Hager

The morning after her grandfather passed away, NBC's Today show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager shared photos of her with twin sister Barbara and the 41st president on Instagram. "Waking up missing this giant of a man who gave me everything," Hager penned in the caption. "He taught me and my family about service, family, decency, the power of gentle words and a beautiful heart." She added that she will "miss him desperately" but is happy he's "back together" with his late wife.

Additionally, Hager posted a cartoon depicting her grandparents reuniting in heaven with their late daughter Pauline Robinson, who'd died from leukemia when she was 3 years old. In the caption, Hager wrote, "This brought me such comfort this morning." She also recalled Bush once telling her that he looked forward to reuniting after his death with "people [he's] lost."

Chaz Bono and Cher

After Bush's passing, actor Chaz Bono tweeted about the late president, offering his sympathies to his loved ones. "My condolences to the Bush family on their tremendous loss," he said. Bono, whose parents are singers Sonny Bono and Cher, continued, "President George H W Bush spent his life in service to our country. Though I didn't agree with most of his policies, I appreciate and respect his dedication as our President and VP, and his love of our country."

In contrast, Bono's mother simply tweeted, "Poppy Bush Gone." Cher later followed her tweet up with an apology. Saying that she'd often heard Bush referred to as "Poppy Bush" and "didn't mean to take liberties or be disrespectful."

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton, who took office after George H.W. Bush, released a statement following news of his predecessor's passing. Remarking on Bush's "great long life of service, love, and friendship," Bill Clinton stated, "I will be forever grateful for the friendship we formed. From the moment I met him as a young governor invited to his home in Kennebunkport, I was struck by the kindness he showed to [daughter] Chelsea, by his innate and genuine decency, and by his devotion to Barbara, his children, and their growing brood."

Noting that Bush "never stopped serving," Clinton said, "His remarkable leadership and great heart were always on full display." He continued, "I am profoundly grateful for every minute I spent with President Bush and will always hold our friendship as one of my life's greatest gifts. Our hearts and prayers are with George, Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Doro, their families, and the entire Bush clan."

George Takei

Actor George Takei, who famously played Sulu in the popular Star Trek franchise, commented on George H.W. Bush's death on Twitter. In a post, he wrote, "President George H W Bush rejoins the heavens, adding his own point of light among the thousand he once so beautifully described." He went on, "A nation mourns the loss of a leader, and a family their beloved father and grandfather." Takei also shared an article about Bush's death on Twitter, adding, "Rest in peace."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California and star of the Terminator series, released a statement upon learning of George H.W. Bush's death. In a post published on Medium, which he linked to in a tweet, Schwarzenegger wrote, "Today, we've lost a great hero. George Bush was an inspiration to all Americans and we will miss him dearly." He noted, "His greatest legacy is that pure American spirit, that commitment to selflessness that drove him until the very end."

Recounting the moments he shared with Bush, who'd appointed him Chairman of the President's Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition in 1990, Schwarzenegger said, "He taught me so much, but most of all, he taught me the power of serving a cause greater than yourself." 

Concluding his statement, Schwarzenegger wrote, "President Bush has left us for one last flight but his destination isn't unknown. He's flying into the arms of the love of his life, Barbara." He added, "This evening, each of us should take a minute to look up and offer him a silent thanks."

Barack Obama

Former President of the United States Barack Obama also took the time to share his thoughts after Bush's passing. In a lengthy statement, Obama said, in part: "American has lost a patriot and humble servant in George Herbert Walker Bush. ... George H.W. Bush's life is a testament to the notion that public service is a noble, joyous calling." He continued, "After seventy-three years of marriage, George and Barbara Bush are together again now, two points of light that never dimmed, two points of light that ignited countless others with their example." Concluding his statement, Obama noted that he'd be thinking of the Bush family and all those Bush had influenced as he mourns the death of the 41st president. For her part, former First Lady Michelle Obama retweeted her husband's post.