Every Ben Affleck Reference We Spotted On J.Lo's This Is Me... Now Tracklist

The Bennifer saga has been years in the making. How could Jennifer Lopez not use it as the muse for her upcoming album? Lopez and Ben Affleck's love story goes back over two decades after they met in the early 2000s, per Business Insider. Since then, the couple has had a whirlwind romance, from engagements to breakups and everything in between. In 2002, at the height of their relationship, Lopez released an album titled "This Is Me...Then," which featured a famous track called, "Dear Ben." The song was a love letter to Affleck, and the entire album featured music about her romance with the "Argo" actor, whether people knew it or not, per Apple Music. Unfortunately, the couple split in 2004.

Over the years, the two lived separate lives, but distance did nothing but prove the love they had for one another. In 2021, Affleck and Lopez reconnected in what could have been a plot for a romantic movie. The couple got their happily ever after as they officially married in 2022, and it wasn't just their relationship that got a second go. To commemorate her rekindled romance with Affleck, the "Hustlers" star decided to put a twist on her 2002 album, "This Is Me...Then," and release an upcoming album titled, "This Is Me...Now." In a complete full circle moment, "This Is Me...Now" captures her current romance with Affleck, and the tracklist proves that once again, the musician is inspired by her one true love.

Not Going Anywhere is a nod to Jennifer's engagement ring

The tracklist for Jennifer Lopez's album, "This Is Me...Now" is out, and is filled with all things Bennifer. The track, titled, "not.going.anywhere." appears to refer to Ben Affleck's engagement ring gesture to Lopez. In November 2022, Lopez shared with Zane Lowe, "One of the songs that I wrote for the album, which is on the inside of this ring right here, my engagement ring that he gave me it says, 'Not. Going. Anywhere. Period.'...because that's how he would sign his emails when we started talking again." Talk about being swoonworthy!

Dear Ben II is a full circle moment

You can't have the track "Dear Ben" on "This Is Me...Then" and not have a "Dear Ben II" on "This Is Me...Now," and Jennifer Lopez thought the same. As we know, the 2002 track "Dear Ben," was a love letter to Ben Affleck with the lyrics, "I love you, you're perfect / A manifestation of my dreams / You make my body feel / About a million different things." Affleck and Lopez's love is even stronger now, so we can only imagine "Dear Ben II" will have much more emotion.

Could This Time Around be about Bennifer's second chance at love?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a whirlwind romance. The couple began their relationship in 2002 and have had plenty of ups and downs. It wouldn't be far of a stretch to think the "On the Floor" singer would talk about their complex relationship on "This Is Me...Now," and what better track to do that than on "This Time Around." Affleck and Lopez's love has reached new heights, and the song could potentially discuss how different their relationship is now versus when they started.

Jennifer and Ben's Vegas wedding may have inspired Midnight Trip to Vegas

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shocked everyone when they eloped in Las Vegas in July 2022, per People. The musician announced the news on her website's newsletter, sharing, "We did it ... Last night, we flew to Vegas, stood in line for a license with four other couples, all making the same journey to the wedding capital of the world." The couple reportedly swapped vows shortly before midnight. Seems a bit fitting for her upcoming track, "Midnight Trip to Vegas," right?