Angie Harmon's Daughter Finley Is All Grown Up And Could Be Her Twin

Finley Faith Sehorn and her two sisters, Avery Grace and Emery Hope, were always going to win the genetic jackpot. With their photogenic parents, "Rizzoli & Isles" actor Angie Harmon and legendary former NFL star Jason Sehorn, the celebs' daughters scored the hereditary lottery. 

Harmon is an enthusiastic mom, and she certainly doesn't hold back when commenting on her daughter's social media feed. In August, Finley shared a few snaps of her enjoying some time with her friends. Harmon penned, "It's the undeniable beauty for me," and added three heart emojis. And let's face it, Harmon knows a thing or two about teenage beauty since she won "Seventeen" magazine's 1987 cover model contest at the tender age of 15.

Finley appears to be a well-rounded individual and shares some of her adventures on her social media account, and it's evident that she has a wide range of friends and is close to her family. Not only has she given back to the community at large, but it seems as if she may have inherited a sporty streak from her dad. Finley was part of the track and field team in high school, and she even participated in soccer events. But it's also pretty obvious that Finley got her looks from her mama.

Angie Harmon is proud of Finley Faith

Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn's first child was born on October 14, 2003, in Dallas, Texas. Two decades later, and Finley is the spitting image of Harmon, with her brunette tresses, high cheekbones, and dark eyes and eyebrows. Mother and daughter even share the same wide-open smile. They also appear to be very close on various social media shares. Finley and Harmon recently enjoyed a road trip together where they stopped at an all-in-one venue comprising an eatery, a sports bar, a truck dealership, and (maybe) a police station. Harmon shared a carousel of images of the duo where they posed alongside some landmarks.

On her 18th birthday, Harmon took to Instagram saying, "I remember the day you were born. I remember the first time I held you in my arms and you looking up at me the moment you heard my voice. I remember knowing that before you ever saw my face you KNEW my voice. I remember thinking/KNOWING in that precise moment that I loved you more than anything or anyone on this planet ... I remember being PROUD OF YOU from even BEFORE you were born & then when you were, being proud to show or tell anyone about my baby Finley Faith. It is but a shadow of HOW PROUD I AM of YOU NOW. I am proud of who you have become and what you will bring to this world ... "

Finley is in college now

Finley Faith Sehorn graduated high school in 2022, and both of her parents celebrated the day with her as she ended one stage of her life and started another. In the Instagram photos, her similarity to her mother Angie Harmon is evident. Not only were both ladies understatedly elegant, but they both wore subtle makeup, pretty dresses, and strappy sandals for the occasion.

When the high school graduate moved into her college digs, her mom was right alongside her. Harmon shared some snaps to commemorate the occasion, showing how they explored the campus and spent those last moments together. Harmon simply wrote, "And... she's off," and added a hatchling chick and duck emoji to her caption. As Harmon said goodbye to her firstborn, Avery Grace and Emery Hope were still at home, so her nest was not quite empty yet. It also seems as if the "Law & Order" alum enjoys the teenage years with her girls. She told AARP, "I never really saw myself as a mom. But my girls are the coolest people I've ever met — hilarious, beautiful, all three of them. They are at the age — teenagers — where everyone else goes, 'Ugh.' And I think to myself, 'Mine are kind of amazing.'"

How Angie Harmon's daughter Finley was raised

Angie Harmon is a devoted mother who cares about instilling strong values in her daughters. In 2013, she told Spry Living, "We all want physically healthy children, but I also want girls who have high self-esteem and good values, morals and ethics. Making sure all of that is intact is probably the hardest thing." Harmon shared her perspective on body image and what lessons she taught her young daughters. She emphasized the importance of focusing on a healthy body rather than dwelling on size. When asked what values are important for her to impart, Harmon replied, "Women need to know that who they are is precious and important, so that they're able to make informed decisions about who's loving them in the way that they need to be loved." At the time, she stressed how she wanted her girls to develop a strong sense of self.

As Finley and her sisters have gotten older, Harmon has held onto the same values for her kids. In February, Harmon spoke to Charlotte Magazine about raising her teenage daughters. She echoed her previous sentiments about a healthy body image. Yet, since they've entered their teen years, she's had to navigate one curveball. She explained, "Now that they're older, it's TikTok and everyone's in bikinis and twerking. That's been a tough one, letting them know they don't need to get validation from pictures or images you post of yourself out there."