The Bizarre Offer Tami Roman Gave Her Husband Reggie Youngblood

Tami Roman once made a bizarre offer to her husband, Reggie Youngblood, but things didn't pan out how she foresaw.

Roman — whose 1993 debut on "The Real World: Los Angeles" makes her one of the first-ever reality stars — is probably best known for battling her "Basketball Wives" castmates. For nine years, Roman led some of the franchise's most high-energy, dramatic scenes. In her own words, however, she was "at the forefront of some of the most BS moments in history," per VH1. Even if Roman's fans probably disagree, Roman's cynicism fits, given the confrontations she encountered. The biggest moment, of course, occurred during Season 1 when Evelyn Lozada famously called Roman a "non-mother f***king factor" (via VH1) after she admitted to an affair with Roman's ex-husband, former NBA star Kenny Anderson. The audacity! During the altercation that followed, Roman easily held her own against Lozada and would prove to do so with most of her other castmates thereafter. 

With that said, Roman is much more than her opinionated, confrontational reality TV persona. She has a fiercely protective maternal side, which has allowed her to nurture her two daughters, Jazz and Lyric Anderson. Roman is also a second-time wife to Reggie Youngblood, whom she married in 2018, according to The Blast. Before Roman departed "BBW" in 2019, she and Youngblood — who's 17 years younger than her — explored multiple paths toward creating their own family, leading Roman to propose he conceive with another woman.

Tami told Reggie he could have kids with another woman

In 2014, Tami Roman was 44 years old when she met Reggie Youngblood, who at the time was 27. Unfortunately, they had a miscarriage the following year, according to TMZ. Roman was three months along. That wasn't the end of their family planning journey, however. Roman and Youngblood appeared on "The Doctors" in 2016 to gain a better understanding of Roman's chance to conceive and carry a child. Dr. Tina Cooper Smith offered Roman "a great variety of choices," including natural conception, surrogacy, or even adoption as possible avenues to expanding their family.

Unfortunately, by 2021, Roman and Youngblood were still struggling to create their family. While appearing on "The Real," Roman surprisingly revealed that she'd told Youngblood that he could have a baby on his own. "I feel like I'm at a point where my career is starting to do and reward me for all of my efforts and the time that I've been in this business, and a baby for me right now would just not be the thing to do," shared Roman. "So, what I offered [Reggie] was an opportunity for us to take a break for a year or two and let him go find someone to have a child with. And then when he has his baby, we could get back together," she continued. Youngblood, however, wasn't fond of this plan, expressing to her that he loved her more than his desire to have children.

Tami Roman doubled back on her comments

Tami Roman's decision to allow Reggie Youngblood to have kids with another woman — outside of a traditional surrogacy setup — confused many on social media. In August 2022, Roman appeared on "The Breakfast Club" and clarified her stance. According to Roman, she and Youngblood had pursued finding a surrogate, but their conflicting schedules made it challenging. "What I was saying was, I have eggs that have been frozen," started Roman. "We had been trying to find a surrogate." However, Roman was traveling for work, which made it hard for her to do background checks on "hundreds and thousands of profiles" of potential surrogates. She then stuck Youngblood with the responsibility of narrowing down a match while noting that he did not have a license to step outside their relationship.

Fortunately, Roman and Youngblood's fertility struggles haven't eroded their passion for each other. As of September 2023, Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood are still married and very happily so. In August, Roman posted a slideshow devoted to their relationship — including a hilarious video of Roman taking a fall in the name of a twerking session. "SWIPE – Happy Anniversary @reggieyb1 We been doing this thang since 2014! 9 years together 5 years married ... thankful to do this thing called life with my best friend. I love you to life," Roman captioned the Instagram photo.