Is Derek Hough Still Close With His Former Brother-In-Law Brooks Laich?

Derek Hough and Julianne Hough are one of the entertainment world's favorite brother-sister duos and many love their close relationship. When Julianne got engaged to Brooks Laich in 2015, Derek was not only happy for his sister, but for his future brother-in-law as well. "I couldn't be happier for the two of them. I knew that it was happening within the first month they were dating," he told People. Of Laich, Derek gushed, "He's the best. We went surfing yesterday. We've been hanging out a lot. He's a good guy."

Derek and Laich became so close, the "Dancing With the Stars" judge was invited to be the former ice hockey player's groomsman. Of the couple post-wedding, Derek told Us Weekly, "She's amazing, she's happy and incredible. I love him so much, he's an amazing guy to have as a brother." Unfortunately, Julianne and Laich started the divorce process in 2020 and finalized the proceedings in 2022. While it may seem natural that Derek and Laich would sever ties as well, their bond is apparently much too strong.

Brooks Laich was Derek Hough's groomsman

From brothers-in-law to just bros — Derek Hough and Brooks Laich kept their friendship going even after the latter and Julianne Hough divorced. The two are so tight that Derek couldn't leave Laich out of his special day when he married Hayley Erbert on August 26. As reported by People, Laich was one of Derek's groomsmen along with "Dancing With the Stars" ballroom pro Mark Ballas. Julianne also served as a bridesmaid for Erbert.

While Derek having Laich in his wedding party may have been a bit awkward for the exes, it comes as no surprise considering how tight the two men are. Just weeks after Julianne and Laich announced their separation, Derek spent some quality time working out with his ex-brother-in-law for his 37th birthday, along with Derek's now-wife, per People. The "Dancing With the Stars" alum also shared an Instagram Story of him and his bud playing ping pong (via Access Hollywood). Julianne had previously gushed about how close her brother and then-husband were. "They have the biggest bromance on the planet. I love it so much because they're so different," she shared. While she may have been happy that Derek and Laich got along so well at the time, their close friendship reportedly caused some tension between the two siblings.

Julianne Hough was reportedly upset that Derek and Brooks remained BFFs

While Julianne Hough was all smiles at her brother Derek Hough's wedding, a source revealed to OK! the previous March that she wasn't too happy about her brother and her ex-husband Brooks Laich remaining friends. "[Julianne] never asked Derek to take sides. But when her marriage ended she figured his friendship with Brooks would as well," the insider stated. Another source shared, "They work out and party together and are having a blast ... it's no surprise Brooks became like a brother to him over the seven years he was with Julianne." The source went on to say that Julianne didn't want to be brought up in conversation while Derek and Laich were hanging out and declared, "She's worried that Derek is spilling the beans on what she's up to."

As for her brother's new bride, Julianne is said to be ecstatic about gaining a sister and put aside her feelings about Laich to help Derek with the wedding. "She gave plenty of input and also plans on helping with the wedding planning in any way Derek or Hayley [Erbert] might need," a source told Hollywood Life. "Julianne is so excited she's finally going to be able to officially welcome Hayley into the family and call her a sister."