Lil Wayne's Daughter Reginae Carter's 5 Most Outrageous TikToks

When your dad's a mega-famous multi-millionaire rapper with a face full of tattoos, you really have to go some to outdo him in the attention-grabbing stakes. Still, Lil Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter, is giving it her best shot, as evidenced by her most outrageous TikToks. And there's definitely no need to call Maury, as Reginae's content creation skills leave no doubt that she's stuntin' like her daddy.

Per BET, Reginae experienced a scary house invasion at her pad in Georgia back in May. Thankfully, she wasn't home when it occurred. Still, she vowed the incident made her want to live a more low-key life in addition to upping sticks and relocating to California. "People are sick!" Reginae tweeted. "[The break-in] is my sign to get Tf out of here .. and to be more private and more to myself about everything."

Well, one out of two ain't bad. "I am in LA now. I have a Ring bell. I have security, all of that. I have everything. Cameras on cameras on cameras, for when I am home and away," she told Page Six. Still, the jury's out when it comes to being less open to the public. Just like most 20-somethings, Reginae lives her life on TikTok. She regularly posts a mix of funny, dance, super sexy, and outrageous clips. So, snap on your grillz and dust off the gold ropes; we're laying bare Reginae Carter's 5 most outrageous TikToks.

Bikini babe

Reginae Carter is big on body positivity and clearly comfortable with the skin she's in. Still, that doesn't mean she's opposed to a little surgical intervention now and then. Lil Wayne's daughter decided to go under the knife in 2020 and get breast augmentation surgery. And she's loving every inch of the results.

"I feel like it makes my little shirts cuter and my outfits come together more," Reginae told People, admitting that she's wanted the op since she was a teen. "Nobody told me to do this. I feel like I didn't have society telling me this. I feel like it's self-love," she continued. "I love myself. I loved myself before the boobs, and I love myself after. I don't care what people have to say."

Reginae's new assets feature heavily in her TikToks. In one video, she dances in an infinity pool, busting out with her best seductive moves to the club remix of "I Don't Care" by Kai Cenat featuring Corey Floca. Reginae clearly doesn't care, clad in a tiny, teeny white bikini that allows for plenty of underboob.

Feline fine

Reginae Carter's bountiful body was on full display when she channeled her inner cat woman in December 2021. Wearing huge black shades and a skin-tight off-the-shoulder leopard skin jumpsuit, Reginae performed a verifiable feat of nature as she engaged in some serious hip-hop moves to "You're a Jerk" by New Boyz, all while wearing a pair of sky-high lucite heels.

Meanwhile, showing off yet another of her many talents, Reginae has launched an inclusive sportswear line, "I Fit In," aimed at all women, regardless of shape or size. "It's such a crime to fit in right now," Reginae told All Hip Hop TV. "I just want girls to put on something and feel good in whatever shape, whatever form, whatever they're going through, just put on something and feel good."

And if that's not enough, Lil Wayne's daughter has also created a clothing line, "Tom Girl." Reginae talked to Black Enterprise about what inspired her to enter the fashion world. "I would actually make my own type of clothes; I wouldn't even wear real workout outfits," she explained. "I would see how I like the style on me that I made, like some tights or a shirt tied up, and I'm like, 'Wait, I want to really start a line and incorporate my vision into working out.'"

Work it girlfriend

Reginae Carter's new boobs play a starring role in a March 2022 video, too. Clad in a pair of short shorts, Lil' Wayne's daughter shakes her booty hard to a high-energy original track by CK. Reginae and shows off plenty of midriff as she holds up her T-shirt and clasps her bountiful boobs. "Y'all, I think I got it," she captioned the clip. Reginae's 2.1 million followers are totally here for it. "Yes, girl, you do got it," commented one. "You. Be in your own lil world," another wrote. "I like that, sis."

Reginae opened up about her burgeoning TikTok career to People. She said she's using the platform to build her public profile and help her acting career. "When I first went to college, I told my mom, 'Listen, this is what I want to do. I don't want to go to college anymore. I want to act,'" she said. "If I stop going to college, then I promise you I'm gonna work hard for my acting, take auditions, and just really work hard."

Well, girlfriend's definitely working it hard. And she's already reaping the fruits of her labor. Reginae shared that she's scored two movie roles so far, Lifetime's "Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta" and "Dear Santa I Need a Date."


Reginae Carter went full-on Jessica Rabbit va-va-voom for a December 2021 TikTok. She poured herself into a skin-tight bright pink fuchsia strapless dress, split to the thigh, that left nothing to the imagination. Reginae completed the old-school Hollywood glam look with long matching gloves and wavy waist-length hair extensions. She danced to ZieZie's "Cupid Flow" before finishing with a full camera close-up cleavage shot.

"It always makes me feel good to see you smile. I genuinely love you. I ain't went nowhere," one fan wrote. "Girl, in that sophisticated dress, I was expecting something calm and sensual, but..." another commented.

Reginae definitely puts the S in sexy, and her legion of male followers clearly appreciate it. Still, after getting burned a few times, she's careful who she dates and is not a fan of celebrity hook-ups. "Many celebrity relationships, I feel like they know you're benefiting off of them or they're benefiting off of you," she told Revolt's "Black Girl Stuff," adding, "They placehold each other to get up or to get on top. A lot of industry relationships, they go to the it-girls when it's probably the girl they been messing with for a long time [who's better]."

Twerk it baby

Reginae Carter lives an extremely lavish life and is not shy about showing it off to the world. She's also not shy about showing off her curves and hugely impressive dance skills. Reginae got her TikTok twerk on while dancing in white booty shorts and a belly-baring sweatshirt to the original track, "Fold Me Like a Pretzel." 

She started by preening herself for the camera, then performed a high-energy hip-hop routine before finishing off with some twerking that easily puts Miley Cyrus to serious shame.

According to Atlanta Black Star, after Reginae posted a super sexy Instagram video of her pole dancing to "Body Language" by Chris Brown, many fans questioned how her dad is dealing with his little girl going and getting herself all grown up. "Lil Wayne know about this?" one wrote. "Wayne p***ed right now," another commented. Probably not. Realistically, it's more likely that the rapper's busy making it rain on a pack of lucky adult dancers somewhere rather than checking his Instagram feed.