Celebs That Can't Stand Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders may be the daughter of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, but she didn't become a prominent public figure until she was appointed White House press secretary for President Donald Trump's administration. Standing front and center at the daily briefing podium means Sanders represents Trump and the executive branch, answering reporters' questions to the best of her ability, though many have accused her of deflecting and being rather curt with her responses. She also staunchly defends the president — no matter the situation. As Trump's "mouthpiece, or whatever part the lies come out of" — as Stephen Colbert describes her — she staunchly defends the president, and that has ruffled some feathers among the press and a diverse array of celebrities.

Love her or despise her, you have to give this high-profile public figure some credit as she appears to take all that criticism in stride. Let's take a closer look at some of the celebs that can't stand Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Cher is fed up with 'sister wife' couture

The New York Times called Sarah Huckabee Sanders' style of clothing "relatable," and her signature strand of pearls rarely misses a press briefing. Some may find her toned-down attire to be sophisticated and polished, but music icon Cher isn't a fan of the press secretary's style. At. All. The singer actually tweeted to Sanders, asking that she "stop dressing like a sister wife." Alongside her tweet, Cher included a photo of two women dressed in long-sleeved dresses with high collars.

Bashing someone for their choice of clothing seems beyond petty, and we weren't the only ones who felt that way. As Cher's comment made the rounds through the Twitterverse, the press secretary received moral support from a likely source: her father and former presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee. "Of all the people to give fashion advice on how to professionally dress like a business person, are you serious, Cher? You're going to be the one?" he said during a segment on Fox News. "The person who dresses like a cigarette girl at a casino on stage? And you're going to tell my daughter how to dress?" 

Touché, sir!

Chelsea Handler calls her a 'proper trollop'

Chelsea Handler threw political correctness straight out the window and went for the jugular when it came time to diss Sarah Huckabee Sanders. On an episode of Handler's self-titled, since-canceled Netflix series, the comedienne described the press secretary's appearance by saying: "I mean, one day she has no makeup on at all, the next she has six-foot-long eyelashes, she's got cleavage and summer w***e lipstick all over her face. Can you believe what they turned her into? A proper trollop."

In another diss, Handler tweeted a video to promote Chelsea Lately that featured comedy writer Fortune Feimster dressed up as Sanders. In the clip, the press secretary is mocked for her physical appearance and her weight during a faux makeup tutorial. "My face is a big, fat biscuit!" Feimster says, noting that her makeup foundation is "just like the foundation of America: It's Republican, it's strong, and it's white."

Again, Mike Huckabee defended his daughter, telling Fox & Friends Weekend that she's "a very balanced person. She wakes up every morning to a loving husband, to three adorable children whose arms circle her neck. And it's something that gives her a balance," he said. "I feel sorry for Chelsea Handler. It's not something she understands." 

Sick burn, papa Huckabee!

Jim Carrey lets his art do the bashing

We thought his comedic timing was his best trait, but Jim Carrey was holding out on us. Not only is he one of the most funny guys, but he's also an amazing artist. Sharing his work on his social media platforms, Carrey has used his paintings to depict his true feelings about America's political climate, and he did not go easy on Sarah Huckabee Sanders when it came time to...erm, honor her. 

The Liar Liar star didn't call Sanders out by name, and his rep wouldn't confirm to USA Today that it was actually the press secretary depicted in the artwork, so you be the judge. He tweeted this image with the caption: "This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!"

Guess who stepped in again to come to Huckabee Sanders' defense? Her father, Mike Huckabee, of course! "Pathetic BULLY, sexist, hater, bigot & 'Christaphobe'" Huckabee tweeted, in part. Carey responded to the backlash in a statement (via The Young Turks). "This administration has been lying to the American people from day one while plundering the country and debasing our values," his statement read. "And those who cover for this shameful mobster of a President are putting makeup on a melanoma and telling the cancer patient that everything's fine. Monstrous? You bet!"

Claudia Jordan hits below the belt

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders and some members of her family showed up to the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va. in June 2018, the restaurant's co-owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, politely asked them to leave. According to CNN, Wilkinson chose to eject Sanders and her party from the establishment because she and her employees "disagreed with Sanders' defense of Trump's discriminatory ban on transgender Americans who want to serve in the military and her recent defense of Trump's un-American family separation policy."

After the incident took place, former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan was asked about the press secretary getting the boot from the restaurant. In response, Jordan went low. Real low. When approached by TMZ to share her take on the events, Jordan took a second to carefully choose her words, before sizing up Sanders like this: She's "not missing any meals, she'll be all right."

John Legend isn't singing her praises

After Claudia Jordan's not-so-nice words in regards to Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting ejected from a restaurant, John Legend was asked to weigh in on Jordan's aforementioned fat-shaming. The "All of Me" singer and award-winning musician wasn't even remotely concerned about Sanders potentially getting her feelings hurt by Jordan's commentary. Instead, Legend turned his anger toward the controversial separation of thousands of immigrant children from their parents at the border between the United States and Mexico. 

"Ask me 'Should we be reuniting 2,000 kids with their families?'" Legend replied rhetorically to TMZ, before unloading on the press secretary's fat-shaming controversy. "I don't care about f*****g Sarah Sanders. Reunite the f*****g kids with their families, then we'll talk about Sarah Sanders and her f*****g dinners." Okay, okay. So maybe Legend doesn't necessarily hate Sanders, but it is pretty clear he DGAF about her either!

Chrissy Teigen's clapback is vicious

John Legend's wife, model Chrissy Teigen, has also dug her claws into Sarah Huckabee Sanders. After Sanders and her family were denied services at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va., the press secretary tweeted, in part: "...I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so."

Teigen — who's known for her epic social media clapbacks — took Sander's tweet as an opportunity to take a dig at the White House. "Didn't you morons get your panties in a wad defending the baker that didn't want to make cakes for gay couples?" Teigen tweeted, referencing Sanders' previous statement that the Trump administration was "pleased" with a Supreme Court ruling in favor of a baker refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Jimmy Kimmel is ready for the 'Hucka-B.S.' to end

After CNN reporter Jim Acosta had his press pass revoked for what the White House described as an assault against an intern during the president's televised press conference, late-night talk show hosts had a field day with the footage. But things got a bit...weird when what appeared to be a doctored version of the events popped up online. According to The Washington Post, in the edited version, the footage is sped up to make it appear as if Acosta is karate-chopping the intern, and audio of Acosta telling the woman, "Pardon me, ma'am," has been muted. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was one of many people to retweet the doctored footage, which prompted intense backlash directed at her and the entire Trump administration.

After playing the video for his Jimmy Kimmel Live! audience, Kimmel described Sanders retweeting the doctored video like this: "That's where the Hucka-B.S. machine comes in." He added, "I mean, she intentionally disseminated doctored video footage to discredit a reputable journalist. She should be fired for that. Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be fired and sent to live in a Jo-Ann's fabric store for all the rest of her days."

Stephen Colbert suggests she resign

As scrutiny of the Trump administration's border policy intensified, Sarah Huckabee Sanders reportedly relied on Kirstjen Nielsen, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, to answer questions about the crisis involving immigrant children being separated from their parents. 

Talk show host Stephen Colbert apparently felt like Sanders was passing the buck. "Hucka-Sands didn't want to do the briefing amid questions about Trump's child separation policy," he said on his late show. "Sarah, you think you don't want to talk about child separation policy? Try doing it on a comedy show!" Though Sanders reportedly said she wasn't trying to skirt questioning, Colbert wasn't hearing it. "You don't get to tag out, Sarah," he said. "...If kids in cages is too much for you to defend, there is one option: You could resign!" he said. "This is the White House, not an abandoned Walmart. You're allowed to leave."

Diane Warren is sick of her 'lying all day long'

In the wake of the restaurant controversy and intense death threats, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was temporarily given Secret Service protection at her home, Peter Alexander of NBC News tweeted. While some thought the whole incident was getting way out of hand, one person who had little sympathy for Sanders was legendary songwriter Diane Warren. During a night out in West Hollywood, Calif., TMZ asked Warren what she thought about the press secretary receiving top-level protection at her home. 

Warren loudly responded, "F**k her!" Well, alrighty then. Warren went on to rip Sanders a new one. "You know what, she can lie all day long ... If Red Hen was vegan, I'd be there every day of the week."

Michelle Wolf roasted her

During the 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner, comedienne Michelle Wolf provided some much-needed laughs throughout the event, but those chuckles turned into boos when she dove head first into a brutal diatribe against Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "I actually really like Sarah. I think she's very resourceful," Wolf said. "She burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's lies. It's probably lies." Wolf also asked the crowd what she should call the press secretary. "Is it Sarah Sanders? Is it Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Is it Cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what's Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? Oh, I know, Aunt Coulter," she said, using "Aunt Coulter" as a play on the name of conservative and controversial political pundit Ann Coulter.

Sanders looked visibly uncomfortable as the camera panned her way during Wolf's punchlines, and following the event, Sanders' predecessor, former press secretary Sean Spicer, tweeted: Tonight's (White House Correspondents' Dinner) was a disgrace." Needless to say, the White House chose historian Ron Chernow to headline the April 2019 event instead of enlisting the help of another no-holds-barred comedian as in years prior, reported CNN.