Are Hallmark Stars Hunter King And Rhiannon Fish Friends In Real Life?

Before Hunter King and Rhiannon Fish played crime-solving siblings in the Hallmark movie "Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths," they were both members of the Hallmark family. King's first film for the feel-good network was "Hidden Gems," and "The Young and the Restless" alum quickly fell in love with the special kind of movie magic she was making. "I think one of the things that I love most about working for Hallmark is that there are always just such happy sets to work on as well as such happy scripts," she told TV Fanatic.

As for Fish, she had a number of Hallmark movies under her belt before shooting "Sister Sleuths," including "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con." So, to a newb like King, she probably seemed like the perfect on-screen partner. Fish was also excited about their project because she's a huge true crime fan and someone who truly appreciates the unique bond that siblings can share. "When I discovered the story was about two sisters, that to me was greater than any love story that has ever been written," she told Media Village.

In "Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths," Fish and King play estranged twins who slowly rebuild their relationship while solving a mystery together. It wasn't hard for Fish and King to fake a familial bond; in fact, they got along so well that it was probably difficult for them to film the bits where Nikki and Nora were at odds with each other.

How the co-stars' close friendship affected filming

According to Rhiannon Fish, she and Hunter King became besties before they shot any scenes together. "We met for the first time at a read-through ... and we instantly hit it off!" she told Media Village. By the time they were filming, they knew how to make each other laugh and enjoyed doing so immensely. This posed a problem for the rest of the cast and crew, who were finding it hard to stick to the filming schedule due to King and Fish's fits of giggles. "They would put a stand-in for me to look at just so I didn't look at Hunter, because I would absolutely laugh," Fish told Just Jared.

The co-stars were also adorably giggly in an interview for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries YouTube channel. They recalled how they bought each other special gifts while working together, including wine, a rose, and a stuffed koala that King named Fish. 

Fish said she was surprised to discover how much she and King have in common and gushed over how "genuinely nice and kind" her co-star is. King proved her point when she couldn't say enough nice things about her co-lead during their cheerful chat. "I just loved working with you because it didn't really feel like working," she told Fish. "It felt like I was getting paid to hang out with my best friend." They even discussed their plans to hang out outside of work by going to Disneyland.

Do Rhiannon Fish and Hunter King have sisters?

While neither Rhiannon Fish nor Hunter King have a fraternal twin like their "Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths" characters, they both have sisters. Sadly, Fish's family suffered a tragic loss when her older sister, Corinne, died unexpectedly in 2014. The actor also has a younger sister named Miranda whom she is very close to. "She is the most important person in the world to me. I could honestly lose everything, but as long as I have my sister, I'm okay," she told TV Goodness.

Hunter King has two sisters who are also in showbiz, "Bullet Train" actor Kelli King and "The Kissing Booth" star Joey King. In 2019, Joey appeared alongside Hunter in her CBS sitcom "Life in Pieces," and they had an absolute blast working together for what was, shockingly, the very first time. "Anyone reading this that has any kind of pull, Hunter and I wanna work together more, so put us in your s***," Joey joked to Entertainment Weekly afterward. (Maybe Joey could return the favor with a Hallmark cameo?)

Fish feels the same way about Hunter, telling Just Jared that she wants to film a new "Sister Sleuths" movie in Hawaii with her BFF. Of Nikki and Nora's sisterly love, she told TV Goodness, "There is a soul connection. ... They're completely different human beings, but they are intertwined by something that cannot be explained. I feel like I have that with Hunter."