Fans Are Popping Off About Taylor Swift's Hilarious Rumored Exit From The Chiefs Game

Are you... ready for it? Taylor Swift fans have quite the explanation for how she supposedly dodged the crowd at the latest Kansas City Chiefs game.

Swift sent the internet into a frenzy on September 24 after she made a surprise appearance at the Chiefs game. Okay, maybe it wasn't a complete shock considering Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce have been the center of romance rumors. These rumors started in July after the football star revealed on the "New Heights" podcast that he attended the Eras Tour and tried shooting his shot with the Grammy-winner by giving her a friendship bracelet with his phone number. Unfortunately, the football player was unable to meet Swift. But fans and the rest of the world couldn't help but ship the two celebrities.

According to Boston News, Kelce wasn't done trying to win over Swift's heart after he revealed to ESPN he put "the ball in her court." Kelce shared, "I threw the ball in her court and told her, 'I've seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead. You might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead and see which one's a little more lit.'" Well, Swift took him up on that offer, and when fans found out she was at the game, they swarmed to where she was sitting. But the "All Too Well" singer knows a thing or two about dealing with crowds and Swifties seem to think she went to the extreme to avoid all the fuss.

Did Taylor Swift leave in a popcorn machine?

Anywhere Taylor Swift goes, she creates pandemonium, and the September 24 Kansas City Chiefs game may as well have been a Swift concert because she was the center of attention. During the game, the cameraman often cut to the "Karma" singer, who was hanging with Travis Kelce's mom in her rumored beau's private suite. Even when Kelce landed a touchdown, the cameras turned to Swift, who was thrilled for the football star. But as more attention was put on the musician, fans flocked to the suite hoping to catch a glimpse of Swift.

As the game ended, fans waited outside Swift's suite to watch her leave, per TMZ. But as people exited the stadium one by one, there was no sign of Swift. However, one fan theory suggested the "Cruel Summer" singer used the ultimate disguise to exit without creating chaos. Fans suggested Swift left via a metal box made to roll out a popcorn machine. (Yes, really.)

One Swiftie wrote, "TAYLOR LEFT IN A POPCORN MACHINE IM CRYING OVER THIS" alongside video of the machine being rolled out. While many Swifties backed the idea that the pop star left via popcorn machine, it turns out it was all rumors. Still, fans have had their experiences with the musician making elaborate exits. For her Eras Tour, Swift used a "cleaning cart" to get to and from the stage, but this time around, Swift left the football stadium with Kelce and his family.