A Look At Odell Beckham Jr's Short-Lived Fling With Khloé Kardashian

News that Kim Kardashian may be dating Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is making waves across the Internet, but probably not for the reason you think. While there's always been public interest in the KarJenners' love lives, fans can't help but note that Kim's younger sister, Khloé Kardashianm also dated Beckham Jr. back in 2016 (sort of). Isn't this a breach of sister code?

Before we investigate, let's consider that the KarJenner ladies have a history of falling for athletes and musicians. Kim's earliest high-profile relationship documented on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" was with former NFL running back Reggie Bush. Following Bush, she tied the knot with NBA star Kris Humphries, a doomed marriage that infamously lasted only 72 days. More recently, she was married to rapper Kanye "Ye" West for six years. The couple split in 2021. As for Khloé, the "Good American" founder was married to NBA power forward Lamar Odom before divorcing due to his infidelity and substance abuse. Her next high-profile relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson was also marred by cheating reports. At some point between those two relationships Khloé spent time with Beckham Jr. According to Us Weekly, the two were first spotted "getting cozy" at Scott Disick's birthday party in Los Angeles in 2016.

Now, Khloé's supposed relationship with Beckham Jr. wasn't in the news nearly as much as her short-lived romances with James Harden or French Montana — so what do we really know about it?

Were they or weren't they?

As Us Weekly noted, rumors swirled that Khloé Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. were an item after photos emerged of them getting cozy at Scott Disick's party on May 27, 2016. On May 30, Kardashian and Beckham Jr. were again seen at Drake's Memorial Day pool bash. The photos in question showed Beckham Jr. with his arm around the reality star, who was standing between his legs, according to Life & Style. In response to the gossip, Kardashian teased via X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, "It's really not that deep." So, according to KoKo, she and Beckham Jr. were only ever just friends — and maybe friends with benefits?

The NFL star agreed with Kardashian's assessment of their relationship. Like his supposed girlfriend, he debunked the rumors by confirming on X (via Life & Style) that the photos were "taken out of context." "Whoever was there taking the pictures inside of a private party, inside of a private-er ... area of the house — we were in the kitchen of the house, where there [were] only like 15 people," he told GQ in a July 2016 interview. "It's just kind of like ... dating? I just met this person. This is maybe the second conversation we've had." 

In all fairness, the rumors were probably carried by the fact that KoKo and Beckham Jr. were newly single at the time, she from Lamar Odom and he from model Amber Rose.

What does Khloé Kardashian think about Kim's rumored romance?

If 2016 was the year that Khloé Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. got together, then 2023 is Kim Kardashian's year. However, proof of a Kim-Beckham Jr. romance isn't exactly rock solid. An insider told Page Six that the pair "have been hanging out casually," while Life & Style reported that the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver attended Khloé's son Tatum's birthday with the KarJenner family in July. The consensus seems to be that Kim is not jumping into anything too fast; instead she and Beckham Jr. "have been mostly hanging out in groups as they share lots of mutual acquaintances," per Page Six. It sounds a little similar to Khloé's casual fling with Beckham Jr. TBH.

We can't know for sure what Khloé thinks of the rumors because she hasn't addressed them publicly. Regardless, we know that KoKo's relationship with the NFL player can't have been that serious, because otherwise Kim wouldn't entertain the thought of dating him.

Like any relationship there are both pros and cons to this one. For one, Beckham Jr. runs in similar high-profile entertainment circles as Kim, so he understands the level of scrutiny on her life. On the other hand, fans told the media mogul to "stay away" from Beckham Jr., per Us Weekly, so Kim hasn't received a lot of public support to date. Looks like we'll have to wait for the next season of "The Kardashians" to learn whether KoKo is Team Beckham Jr.