Whatever Happened To Below Deck's Chef Leon?

You have to really go some to make the "Below Deck" most dramatic cast members list. Still, it was a breeze for Chef Leon Walker. And given all the histrionics he caused, it's unsurprising that Walker also managed to join the array of cast members who were fired from "Below Deck." He was given his marching orders by Captain Lee Rosbach, but not before causing a drama tsunami. So, whatever happened to "Below Deck" star Chef Leon once he got his landlegs back?

Per Bravo, the cook hopped on board the motor yacht Eros during "Below Deck" Season 3. He has a long history of rustling up fine cuisine on the world's grandest boats, including the prestigious Queen Elizabeth, serving dishes to celebs and VIPs. The network describes the chef, who's single with two daughters, as having "a flirtatious appeal." Well, the Eros' female crew certainly weren't feeling the flirt. And they most definitely weren't seeing the appeal –  especially chief stew Kate Chastain.

The primary source of Season 3's "Below Deck" drama stemmed from Chastain and Walker's fraught relationship and terse interactions. They clearly loathed each other from the get-go. "Do you like me?" Walker asked Chastain following a dramatic face-off. "I like your commitment and passion at this moment," she replied diplomatically. "Well, I just want to say something; I don't like you one bit," he retorted. "We're not here to like each other, are we? Let's be realistic. I do not like you one bit."

Taking to the seas

Chef Leon Walker wasn't a crew favorite during his time on "Below Deck" Season 3. He especially rubbed chief stew Kate Chastain up the wrong way, which was unfortunate as the two shared a cabin with another woman. "This room ain't big enough for the two of us," Chastain said of the sleeping arrangements. However, Walker focused on the bright — and misogynistic — side of things. "Living with the girls, I'm hopefully going to get my laundry done," he said.

Things just deteriorated from there, resulting in Captain Lee Rosbach kicking Walker off the yacht after he blamed Chastain for causing an oven fire that was actually down to him, per a Bravo post by Rosbach. Following Walker's dismissal, the captain branded him "the most disruptive force on the boat."

Despite his reality TV deep sea drama, Walker refused to throw down anchor on his yachtie career. The temperamental cook immediately jumped back on board — without the cameras this time — and continued to peddle his culinary wares on luxury yachts globally. According to his post "Below Deck" tweets, Walker headed to the Maldives before sailing to Europe, stopping at San Anton, Malta, and Malaga, Spain. Next up was Mumbai, India, and glorious Cape Town, South Africa. After a quick family visit to Ireland, Walker returned to Australia, where he's now based, according to his Twitter bio. Nice work if you can get it.

Below Deck to down low

When he's not cooking up a storm worldwide, Chef Leon Walker reportedly manages to rustle up some spare time to stir the non-culinary pot. He's been accused of stoking the rumor fire by allegedly teasing a return to the "Below Deck" franchise. "Rumours going around that Chef Ryan gets replaced by Chef Leon (beef cheeks!)!" a "Below Deck" fansite posted in April 2022. "So Chef Leon has apparently been saying he's going to be on 'Below Deck Down Under,' plus when I first announced the cast, he was seen on set during production (too lazy to scroll that far to find the pic lol) and people have said they saw him filming there!"

"This could all be a load of c***, or it could have merit. What do we think?!" They conclude. Well, given the fact that Chef Nate Post stepped into Chef Ryan McKeown's deck shoes, per Distractify, the likelihood of the show's producers wanting to replace one problematic chef with an equally problematic chef, Walker not popping up on anything Bravo since his hasty exit, and that the info comes from Reddit and other anonymous online sources, it's safe to say that yes, it probably is a load of c***.

Meanwhile, Walker appears to be sailing under the radar for now. He last posted something on his Twitter feed in December 2020, and his Instagram account has been switched to private.