Are Brittany Mahomes And Travis Kelce's Ex Kayla Nicole Still Friends?

Nothing could intercept the friendship that Brittany Mahomes and Kayla Nicole have. (Or should we say had?) The two women became famous for constantly supporting their NFL boyfriends, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. It truly seemed like the perfect duo. Brittany and Patrick are high school sweethearts, and Kelce and Nicole dated on and off for five years.

It was a social media love story when Kelce and Nicole began dating in 2017, per People. For months, the Kansas City Chiefs player liked the sports journalist's Instagram posts and Stories, but he never slid into her DMs, so Nicole did it herself. The couple's relationship had as many twists and turns as a football game. In 2020, the couple split amid rumors that Kelce had cheated on Nicole, but the football star denied the allegations. That same year, the couple got back together and dated for two more years before they eventually called it quits for good.

However, Nicole and Brittany developed a strong friendship throughout the couple's relationship. The two BFFs were often seen at their loved ones' games, cheering on Patrick and Kelce, per TMZ. From the football field to vacation, Nicole and Brittany seemed inseparable. But now that the sports journalist and Kelce are over, where does her friendship with Brittany stand? We're here to fill you in on whether the two are still BFFs or have gone their separate ways.

Did Taylor Swift cause a rift between Brittany Mahomes and Kayla Nicole?

Although Brittany Mahomes and Kayla Nicole appeared to have been as tight as ever in the months after her split from Travis Kelce, they two might be on the outs now. But did Taylor Swift have anything to do with Brittany and Nicole's crumbling friendship? It sure seems like it. Swift has been making headlines for her rumored romance with the Kansas City Chiefs player, aka Nicole's ex. Anywhere and everywhere you look, it's all about #Traylor — especially after the "All Too Well" singer attended multiple games. Swift not only swooped in on Kelce, but also on Brittany. 

Following Swift's attendance at the Chiefs game on September 24, the Grammy-winning musician became buddy-buddy with the mom of two. Swift, Brittany, Blake Lively, and Sophie Turner all had a gals night in New York City in late September, per People. The group of friends continued the good vibes the following day when they all attended the New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs game. Swift and Brittany appeared to be hitting it off as they laughed and intensely watched the game, per Fox News.  

From the looks of it, Swift and Brittany are forming a nice friendship, and it doesn't seem to be sitting well with Brittany's former BFF. According to TMZ, Nicole unfollowed both Brittany and Patrick Mahomes just one day after Swift and Brittany were seen enjoying one another's company at the Chiefs game. Although Nicole has yet to share why she unfollowed Brittany, it sure seems like it had something to do with her budding friendship with Kelce's rumored new love, Swift. 

It seemed like nothing could come between Brittany Mahomes & Kayla Nicole

Before Taylor Swift stepped into the picture, Travis Kelce's split from Kayla Nicole seemingly hadn't caused her to drift apart from Brittany Mahomes. According to Marca, Brittany and Nicole remained "close friends" — and the publication brought the receipts.

In August 2023, Brittany's husband, Patrick Mahomes, set up a special surprise for the mother of two. Although her birthday wasn't until September 1, the Kansas City Chiefs star decided to throw off his wife by celebrating her birthday a little early. Thanks to Patrick, Nicole and several other friends surprised Brittany for her big celebration. The sports journalist shared the sweet surprise on her Instagram Story as she and the rest of her friends walked into the room with balloons and gifts for Brittany. The mother of two was shocked at the surprise and cried tears of joy. Later that day, the two friends and the rest of the group celebrated her 28th birthday.

Brittany even shared a sweet post from the special night with several group photos, including one with Nicole. She wrote, "Patrick surprised me with my girlssss and a celebration this weekend and it was THE BEST TIME!" Nicole and Brittany stunned as they posed for the disco-themed birthday, showing everyone that nothing had yet come between them.

Brittany Mahomes and Kayla Nicole would constantly hang out

Brittany Mahomes and Kayla Nicole's hangouts also continued after the sports journalist's split from Travis Kelce. The two were inseparable and constantly at each other's side during significant events. In July 2023, when Patrick Mahomes premiered his and several other quarterbacks' Netflix documentary, "Quarterback," Brittany made sure Nicole was by her side on the red carpet. The mother of two shared two posts from that night, one with a photo of her and Nicole and another of a video of the two in slow-mo. Brittany captioned the video, "The best duos." Brittany and Nicole remained a fan-favorite duo, even if she was no longer with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

Nicole often accompanied Brittany and Patrick at football events, too. (Who wouldn't want their BFF at major life events?) In April 2023, the couple decided to host an NFL draft party, and the sports journalist tagged along. Nicole documented the night on her Instagram Stories, per Sportskeeda. Brittany shared several photos from the party on social media, and Nicole was featured in one of them, along with several other friends. Brittany captioned the photo, "Was a good time." Was, indeed. Whether or not the two women will reconcile and reunite remains to be seen.