How RHOC Star Heather Dubrow Saved Her Husband Terry's Life

Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow have had their fair share of ups and downs during their 24 years of marriage, but they continue to be one of the strongest married couples in "The Real Housewives" franchise. While Heather is known for being a reality television star, Terry became famous in his own right through the E! Network's plastic surgery show, "Botched." The surgeon shared that the show gave him a revived passion for his career and told GQ, "I was not only doing something that matters. What you did was life-changing. You were there to save lives. And 'Botched' is saving lives."

While Terry is used to reacting on his feet during medical emergencies, it was Heather who used her instinct when her husband suffered a medical emergency during a dinner at a restaurant. According to Terry, her insistence that he get more extensive testing ultimately saved his life — and he is forever grateful to her.

Terry Dubrow had a heart defect that led to a stroke-like attack

Heather Dubrow has been accused of being a know-it-all, but this time, she was right. As TMZ reported, she and Terry Dubrow were out having dinner in Los Angeles when his speech became slurred for a brief moment. Although he seemed fine again, Heather's son called for medical assistance, but they then cleared Terry as fine upon checking his vitals. The plastic surgeon wanted to go home, but after Heather consulted his doctor friends, he was convinced to check himself into the hospital. Terry discovered that he had a transient ischemic attack, which stopped blood flow to his brain for a short time and caused stroke-like symptoms. He also found out that he had a hole in his heart, and that a blood clot went through that hole to his brain. Luckily, he had it treated by the doctors.

Terry gave props where props were due. "Listen to your partner. If they are concerned about something don't argue, don't ignore, and get it checked out right away," he told E! News. "I love my wife, thank god for Heather and her persistence and insistence. She truly saved my life," he gushed. Terry's declaration wasn't an exaggeration, and if it wasn't for Heather, he would have taken a flight that might have ended in tragedy.

Terry Dubrow would have flown to New York if it hadn't been for Heather

Heather Dubrow deserves a Wife of the Year award. In an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Terry Dubrow expressed how dire his medical situation was. Again crediting Heather for saving his life despite his insistence on not going to the hospital, he shared, "Had she listened to me, I would have gone on a plane to see you Andy, and I would have had more blood clots from that plane flight and I definitely would have not survived."

Heather discussed the incident in more detail on her podcast, "Let's Talk With Heather Dubrow." She revealed that Terry was talking when he "completely slurred the entire sentence," and at first she thought he was joking but realized it was a medical emergency. After he was seemingly fine, he was furious and embarrassed, so he left to stay at a nearby hotel. "If he goes into a hotel room, he's gonna die, because once he gets into a hotel room, they're never going to let me in," she recalled thinking to herself. Heather tricked Terry into getting in an Uber and going to the hospital, and upon reading his test results, Terry then realized, "F***! I had a TIA!" 

Heather's life-saving measures undoubtedly strengthened her relationship with Terry. And although he hasn't saved her life yet, he once saved her from living with an unsightly growth on her hand in an episode of "Botched," per Bravo. "My husband's an incredibly well-trained surgeon. I would not trust anything on my body to anyone else but Terry, for many reasons," she declared.