A Look At Hailee Steinfeld's Dating History Before Josh Allen

Hailee Steinfeld's dating history has been a rollercoaster ride of romance and speculation, with Steinfeld experiencing youthful love's highs and lows publicly. The singer-songwriter often touches on her love life (and its many foils) in her music, with singles like 2020's "I Love You's" boasting confessionally heavy lyrics like, "Yeah, I fell asleep with the makeup still all on my skin / Wide awake again, I'm prayin' I make it / I'm steppin' the twelve, but it's somewhere I've already been." However, Steinfeld has stayed mum on the topic in the press. "I am a very private person," she told Us Weekly in 2018, adding that she is grateful she can share with fans what she's comfortable with.

That interest in Steinfeld's personal life revved up again in May 2023, when the "Coast" crooner was spotted cozying up to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen in New York City. Instantly fueling dating rumors, photographs showed Allen draping his arm around Steinfeld. Days later, the two were snapped partaking in a sushi dinner together. According to a friend who spoke to People, the two enjoyed spending time together. Although neither Steinfeld nor Allen publicly confirmed their relationship, an Instagram photo from a New York boutique in October 2023 showed the songstress spending time with Allen's mom as they shopped

Only time may tell if Steinfeld and Allen are in it for the long haul. We can, however, examine Steinfeld's romantic history to find out what she really wants in a partner. 

Hailee Steinfeld's previous relationships didn't last too long

The notoriously private Hailee Steinfeld has kept the media guessing regarding her personal paramours. In 2016, while rumors flew a-frenzy over the "Hawkeye" star romancing everyone from "Romeo and Juliet" costar Douglas Booth to fellow pop crooner Justin Bieber, she was reportedly dating Instagram influencer Cameron Smoller on the down-low. The pair kept things low-key until their red carpet debut in January 2017 at a Golden Globes party, but signs point to their relationship flatlining by November of that year.

Documented platonic friends for a while, rumors of a non-platonic relationship between Steinfeld and ex-One Directioner Niall Horan began percolating in February 2018, when the two young stars attended a Backstreet Boys concert together. Throughout 2018, Steinfeld and Horan continued to be spotted intimately enjoying each other's company around the world –  from dinner dates to London's West End, where they caught a performance of "Hamilton" together. It wasn't until August of that year that the couple finally confirmed their romance by displaying some passionate PDA in Los Angeles. It looks like their young love burnt too bright too quickly, as the couple called it quits in December 2018 — and not on the best of terms. Steinfeld was quick to take multiple jabs at her ex, the most biting being a January 2019 Instagram Story. Reposting a Story by songwriter Julia Michaels that read, "New Year's Resolution: no more dating narcissists," Steinfeld emphatically added, "Preach it."

Hailee Steinfeld gained wisdom about love through experience

Given Hailee Steinfeld's past short-lived flames — and her own comments on relationships — it may be wisest to pause and reflect before jumping into romantic commitments.

In a 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan, while still dating former One Direction member Niall Horan, the "Dickinson" alum spoke less cynically about love. "I want to make as much room for you as possible," she said. Speaking to Apple Music in 2020,  Steinfeld espoused a more measured approach toward romance. "I needed time to heal after a breakup," the "Wrong Direction" singer said, revealing she required "at least a year before any of this again." That isn't the easiest feat for Steinfeld, who also confessed she tends to "fall very hard, very fast."

Taking that time to focus on her ever-skyrocketing career, filming the 2021 Disney+ Marvel series "Hawkeye" and voicing Gwen Stacy (again) in 2023's "Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse," Steinfeld had a firmer grasp on her ideal relationship when speaking again with Cosmopolitan in 2021. "First and foremost, loyal and honest but confident in themselves and able to do their thing while I do mine," the "True Grit" star began, rattling a list of questions she asks before any big leaps. "'Who do I want to take on the world with? What kind of person is that? ... What do they stand for?'" Steinfeld shared.