Video Of Anna Wintour's Icy Kim Kardashian Snub Is NOT Pretty

For years, rumors have swirled that Anna Wintour strongly disliked Kim Kardashian. During Paris Fashion Week, reports seemed to support that claim as Wintour was apparently unimpressed by the reality TV star's behavior at Victoria Beckham's Spring-Summer 2024 show which was held on Sept. 29, 2023. "Kim was super late. Anna was p***ed because the show was delayed until Kim arrived," an insider told Page Six. "Anna left before Victoria even did her walk in front of the guests." Furthermore, an earlier report from The Telegraph supported the claim that Wintour was annoyed with Kardashian.

In a viral video posted to X — formerly known as Twitter — the day of the show, Kardashian is seen walking to her seat while everyone else is already seated. The Skims honcho stops to greet David Beckham, who is sitting to Wintour's left. Kardashian takes her seat to the right of Vogue's editor-in-chief. Meanwhile, Wintour does not greet Kardashian and simply sits with her arms folded.

The clip caused a strong reaction among X users who believed it was proof that there was beef between Kardashian and the fashion editor. "Anna do [sic] not like this woman," one person responded. Others took sides in the perceived feud. "Well Kim Kardashian is more famous and more important than some lady in a bob and sunglasses," another user wrote. However, the video may have made the situation look tenser than it actually was.

Kim Kardashian was not the reason the show was late

In regard to the perceived snub, another source disputed the claim that there was any bad blood between Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour at Victoria Beckham's show. "Anna had to leave early for another engagement," an insider told Page Six. They told the outlet that Kardashian and company were not the cause of the delay. "The show would have started without [Kardashians], but [Beckham's team was] not ready backstage," they said while adding that it was common for Paris Fashion Week shows to be behind schedule.

Many fans believed that the viral clip of Wintour and "The Kardashians" star was proof of friction, while others pointed out that it was only business as usual. "Now why are you making this up? Anna didn't snub Kim K that's just Anna's Face," one X user commented. "They actually sat together," another wrote while including a photo of the pair speaking during the show.

Although several fans and outlets have been eager to see a dust-up between the pair, Wintour has appeared pro-Kardashian over the years. In 2014, she put Kardashian and then-husband Kanye West on the cover of Vogue. Years later, in 2019, Wintour was effusive when speaking about Kardashian's fashion sense. "I personally admire the way she's become a little bit more minimal in the way that she's dressing and a little bit more covered," she said in a segment called "Go Ask Anna" for Vogue's YouTube channel, while also praising the Kardashian family's "empire."