Weird Things About Natalie Portman And Benjamin Millepied's Marriage

From the divorce of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas to Taylor Swift's breakup with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, 2023 has been quite the year of celebrity splits. Actress Natalie Portman and French choreographer Benjamin Millepied only added to the breakup tally when they separated after 11 years of marriage. 

According to Us Weekly, Millepied was unfaithful to Portman. "After news of his affair came out, they've been trying to work on their marriage but are currently on the outs," a source told the outlet. The woman in question was identified by French magazine Voici as climate change activist Camille Étienne, who was spotted spending a few hours in Millepied's office (via Page Six). Portman and Millepied were allegedly working through some issues the year prior, and briefly split, though they ended up reconciling. That wasn't to be the case this time.

Portman is known for being incredibly private, so she hasn't commented publicly about how she and Millepied are coping in the aftermath of their divorce. But, according to People, they were spotted out together sans wedding rings as recently as September. There is no handbook for what constitutes "normal" following a breakup, but Portman and Millepied have been marching to the beat of their own drums for quite some time. In fact, their marriage was filled with weird instances, from Millepied's obsession with his partner to their unconventional dating life and atypical wedding.

Benjamin Millepied was 'obsessed' with Natalie Portman

It's normal to be in love with your partner, but Benjamin Millepied's obsession with Natalie Portman may have gone too far. Per People, the pair met on the set of "Black Swan," in which Portman played a ballerina driven to win the lead role in the New York City Ballet's production of "Swan Lake." 

As the film's choreographer, Millepied was hired to teach the actors to dance, but he apparently only paid attention to Portman. "[The other dancers] would go to do their shots and wouldn't know any of the choreography because [Millepied] was so involved with helping 'Natalie, Natalie, Natalie, all the time. There was a lot of drama," a source told Page Six

The insider also noted that Millepied dropped his then-partner, ballerina Isabella Boylston, for Portman. "Maybe they have a great relationship ... But knowing Benjamin, I don't think that's how it is," the source cryptically added. Speaking of Boylston ...

Was Natalie Portman the other woman?

Hollywood was quick to fawn over Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied's relationship, but it didn't begin conventionally. According to Perez Hilton, Millepied was living with his long-term girlfriend, Isabella Boylston, when he fell for Portman. As an insider revealed, "[Isabella] had been talking about marrying [Millepied] and was blindsided by the split. She moved out right after New Year's Eve."

Page Six corroborated the report, noting that while Portman claimed she was keeping her romance under wraps "to see if things got serious," her hesitance to go public was really due to the fact she didn't want to air the messy timing of everything. Cele|b****y alleged that Boylston was "very upset" about the split, and even compared the beginnings his relationship with Portman to those of his dalliance with Camille Étienne.

According to People, Millepied's affair with Étienne "was short-lived and now it is over." But as we know, Millepied's affair with Portman ended up lasting for 11 years.

Did Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman marry in secret?

In another unconventional move, Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman kept everyone guessing re: their relationship status. Circa 2012, everyone was left wondering whether they'd tied the knot in secret after they were spotted wearing rings on their left hands, per Page Six. With the couple keeping quiet about whether they were wedding or engagement rings, it was up to jewelry designer Jamie Wolf to spill the beans. "I designed the rings worn by Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman," he told Us Weekly. "They were made with recycled platinum and conflict-free diamonds."

People later confirmed that Portman and Millepied did indeed wed in early 2012. No surprise that their wedding ceremony was a little unusual! According to the outlet, only vegan food was served at the event, and all guests were given "packets of wildflower seeds as party favors." Portman donned a flower crown and walked down an aisle made from tree stumps.

Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman rarely worked together

For a couple who met through their work, it seems weird that Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman went out of their way not to work together professionally during their marriage. In 2018, Portman spoke to SiriusXM Town Hall about their experience collaborating on "Black Swan," explaining, "I met my husband on it, so I think I was in, like, dreamland ... He was teaching me to dance. You know, one of those romantic stories ... It was definitely exciting and fun."

However, rather than continue to create "beautiful" work together, the couple opted to keep their personal life separate. "Ultimately I think as a couple, you automatically learn from one another, and hopefully feed each other in ways that are positive. But I think, work ... we keep very separate. I think that's important," the choreographer told Vanity Fair in 2016. That said, he and Portman did join forces to collaborate on 2018's "Vox Lux." "Getting to work with my husband ... is always so fun," the "Star Wars" alum told ExtraTV

Are they or aren't they?

In the wake of Benjamin Millepied's extramarital affair, conflicting reports make it a little unclear as to what's currently going on. Are the couple together or aren't they? In June, Page Six spotted Natalie Portman "looking upset" during an intense conversation with her husband — possibly discussing his affair — but they were also spotted putting on a united front with their son Aleph at the 2023 Women's World Cup, per People

A September Us Weekly article noted that Portman hasn't made up her mind about how she wants to move forward. "Natalie and Benjamin are not back together, but they're spending time together co-parenting," a source said. However, the star also reportedly believes that Millepied's time with Camille Étienne "[meant] nothing to him," and she's willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, for her children's sake. Based on how this couple constantly keeps us on our toes, there's very little that would surprise us about their relationship at this point.