Eileen Davidson's Rarely-Seen Son Jesse Is All Grown Up Now

When Eileen Davidson and Vincent Van Patten walked down the aisle back in April 2003, she became a stepmom to his two sons, Richard and Vincent Van Patten Jr. Then, just one month after saying "I do," the couple also went on to have the only child they share, a son, Jesse Van Patten. And, while the "Days of Our Lives" actors have tended to keep Jesse out of the limelight to some degree for much of his life, today, he's all grown up.

While Jesse wasn't raised in the spotlight, per se, his parents have certainly never hidden him from the public eye. In fact, over the years, they've shared several snippets of their lives with him and his half-brothers. That includes sweet throwback pictures posted to Instagram and an interview every so often. In 2018, Davidson joked in an interview with Closer that the older boys growing up had thrown Jesse for a bit of a loop. "Now that the boys have left, he's so sad: 'Mom, it's like crickets here,'" she told the outlet.

Several years since that interview, Jesse has hit adulthood himself. As he's revealed on Instagram, he's taken after both his mom and dad in a very sweet way.

He's a passionate athlete

While Vincent Van Patten is best known as an actor, he's also a former tennis pro, and he's now ventured into pickleball. That love for sports has certainly been passed down to his youngest son, Jesse Van Patten. Exhibit A: Jesse's Instagram account names running as one of his biggest passions. 

As noted by Athletic Net, Jesse has been running since his high school days. And, as proud mama Eileen Davidson revealed in an Instagram post back in 2021, he was quite the wunderkind in that department, too, as the record holder for his high school's 800-meter race. A few years on, he's continued down that path as a college athlete. However, while he's clearly a gifted runner, in a May 2023 Instagram post, he got real about feeling like he'd had some setbacks along the way. "Although it may seem that from the outside I am always positive and motivated, I found it hard to stay positive during the times where my goals would not be achieved over a certain time," he shared in the caption. 

Even with the setbacks, it's safe to say the youngest of the Van Patten siblings is committed to his passion. Case in point: In one Instagram post, he shared that much of his 2023 summer vacation was spent training, from runs in the rain to early morning treadmill sessions after a concert. 

He's also interested in video editing and YouTube

Athleticism isn't the only thing Jesse Van Patten has in his genes. Like his parents, he's also a keen creative, and in addition to running, his Instagram bio notes that video editing is his other great love. 

That Jesse is interested in the editing side of things rather than acting isn't super surprising. As Eileen Davidson previously shared in an interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish, while she had no doubts about his acting abilities, she didn't think he'd do particularly well with being told what to do, or how to do it. "He is a natural, but he's the kind of person, if you ever try to give him direction, he'd flip you off and run the other way, so I don't see it in the cards for him," the veteran soap star joked to the outlet. Just as well, he can run fast, then!

Today, Jesse combines his two passions through something he has full control over. That would be his YouTube channel, Jessemaroorox Running. It goes without saying that he has the full support of his parents while doing so. Many of his videos feature commentary from Davidson and Vincent Van Patten — either cheering him on or helping document his training. The Davidson-Van Patten family may be a talented one, but more importantly, it's a super supportive unit.