The Friends Joke That Is Now Tragically Eerie For Matthew Perry Fans

"Friends" has been making viewers laugh since the hit television sitcom first aired in 1994. The late actor Matthew Perry was a fan-favorite with his portrayal of the lovably awkward Chandler Bing, and still continues to be even after his tragic death on October 28. When TMZ first broke news of his death by apparent drowning, fans all around the world reeled in shock.

As reported by NBC News, many flocked to the New York City apartment building that was depicted on "Friends." Although the series was filmed in Burbank, California, the Greenwich Village building became a destination for fans to visit and is now a place for fans to pay tribute to Perry. A local resident, Richard Wiegle, lit a candle for the beloved actor and stated, "We just look at it as such a tragedy. He had so much more to give and so much more life to live. And he's been through a lot. It's just sad."

Since his passing, fans have discovered a scene from Season 7 of "Friends" that was hauntingly similar to the way Perry died and many are wondering if they'll ever be able to rewatch that episode again.

The One With The Engagement Picture is not so funny anymore

Matthew Perry made Chandler Bing an unforgettable character, and he had the ability to make people laugh with just a single line or a goofy expression. However, the episode where he tries to take an engagement photo with his onscreen fiancee Monica Gellar, played by Courteney Cox, is too tragic for fans given how Perry died. In the scene, Bing kept unintentionally making weird faces in front of the camera as soon as the photographer took a picture. A frustrated Gellar stated, "Like, this picture is supposed to say 'Gellar and Bing to be married,' not 'local woman saves drowning moron.'" When the photographer laughed, Gellar was quick to defend her man and told him, "Hey, don't laugh at him. He's my drowning moron."

A TikTok user shared a clip of the episode and wrote, "This scene doesn't sit right after hearing the cause of his passing today." A fan wrote in the comments, "This scene will never be watched in the same way again at least I can't." Another wrote in Chandler Bing fashion, "Could this scene BE anymore [sic] eerie." Some thought Perry would find it amusing and one stated, "It feels like that today, but eventually we will see that even Matthew Perry finds this funny from the other side. He'd want us to laugh." While that scene is heartbreaking for fans and many want it scrubbed from the show, there are plenty of funny moments that "Friends" devotees shared to remember Perry.

Friends fans share their favorite Matthew Perry moments

There isn't one episode of "Friends" where Matthew Perry hasn't made a viewer laugh. One of the most iconic scenes is the one where Chandler Bing, Rachel Green, and Ross Gellar try to move a sofa upstairs. After Perry's death, a fan took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a clip of the scene with the actors breaking character from laughing too hard. "The only thing funnier than the famously hilarious pivot scene is the blooper take of the famously hilarious pivot scene. Matthew Perry was the best Friend of them all," the fan wrote.

Another fan shared a clip of the heartwarming proposal between Bing and Monica Gellar. "It's impossible to pick from 10 seasons, but I keep going back to Chandler and Monica's proposal as Matthew Perry's finest moment on Friends because of how deeply felt his performance is," the viewer shared on X. One fan's favorite "Friends" moment wasn't an episode but rather the 2021 reunion with Perry sharing, "After the show was over, at a party ... if one of us bumped into each other ... You apologize to the people you were with, but they had to understand that you had met somebody special to you and you were going to talk to that person for the rest of the night." With so many special "Friends" moments, it's hard for fans to pick just one fave but for Perry, there was one episode that he considered the best.

Matthew Perry shared his favorite Friends episodes

Although Matthew Perry starred in various roles, such as Ted Kennedy in "The Kennedys: After Camelot," and Oscar Madison in "The Odd Couple," he'll forever be best known for playing Chandler Bing in "Friends." During a 2017 interview with "Good Morning America," when asked about his favorite one-liner, he shared the scene when Joey Tribbiani couldn't remember if he first got his suit tailored when he was 15 or 16 years old and asked, "When was 1990?" to which Bing quipped, "Okay, you have to stop the Q-tip when there's resistance."

One of the fans' favorite episodes is when there's a blackout and Bing gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with a Victoria's Secret model, and it happens to be Perry's as well. "We did an episode that was during a blackout in New York City, and I was stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre and very excited about that," Perry told the bookstore Indigo while promoting his memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing" (via the Daily Hive). He continued, "That was when I first realized that everybody on this show was great — and that every episode was sort of like a mini-movie." Although the hit sitcom ended almost two decades ago, the show still continues to be a fan-favorite and Perry will always be a beloved Friend.