Matchmaker Tells Us Frances Bean Cobain & Riley Hawk Share More Than Famous Dads

On October 7, two worlds of '90s pop culture collided when Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk got married. The daughter of the late grunge rocker Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love wed the son of pro skateboarder Tony Hawk in Los Angeles, TMZ reported. Another music legend, Michael Stipe of R.E.M., who is Frances' godfather, officiated the ceremony.

While Frances and Riley have mainly kept their relationship on the down low, she shared a carousel of pics on Instagram on January 1, 2022, including one of Riley holding a dog in front of a Christmas tree and another of them cuddling on a boat with his parents. "2021 brought me more into the present moment than I've ever been, which I'm deeply grateful for. I wanted to share a few moments that were captured/created this past year that brought me a great amount of joy," Frances wrote. While Frances and Riley's relationship may seem out of the blue, Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking thinks the newlyweds have more in common than meets the eye.

Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk could have bonded over growing up in the spotlight

It's safe to say that Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk's parents have two very different professions, but matchmaker Susan Trombetti believes there are "similarities" between the couple and they share a "bond for children of famous people." She told us, "Some may bond over the unique experience of growing up in the spotlight/watching their parents live in the spotlight. This recent union is not the first relationship between children of famous people that I have come across and will certainly not be the last."

However, Trombetti stated that Cobain and Hawk might have met "organically," and not through their famous parents. "They are around the same age, so it makes sense that they met and fell in love," the love expert went on. "It also helps that they probably had a similar upbringing and share the unique experience of having famous fathers who were considered icons in the '90s. Having shared characteristics and experiences allows you to create a strong bond when starting a relationship." According to Trombetti, what makes Cobain and Hawk a promising forever couple is that they both have a "similar vibe."

Cobain was previously married to musician Isaiah Silva, which ended in a contentious divorce and a lawsuit, per Page Six. Hopefully, Hawk's "vibe" is a lot more chill, and he and Cobain have a lasting relationship.