The Cosmetic Procedures John Stamos Admits To Getting

While most celebs are a bit hush-hush about going under the knife, John Stamos recently dished on the cosmetic procedures he had done as a young actor. TV fans fawned over Stamos during his soap opera days when he starred in "General Hospital," where he played the role of Blackie Parrish. However, fans really fell in love with Stamos when he moved on to "Full House." His role as Jesse Katsopolis — Danny Tanner's handsome, carefree/slightly reckless brother-in-law — helped shape him into one of the most crushable 90s celeb heartthrobs ever. However, Stamos can still compete with celebs from recent generations. 

For example, Harper's Bazaar named Stamos as one of the 50 hottest men ever in 2018. People Magazine also showed appreciation for Stamos' good looks by dubbing him the Sexiest Man Alive in 2007. Plus, a recent partnership with Oroweat Bread allowed him to create his own signature sandwich aptly called the "Heartthrob Cobb." But he didn't create the name. "It was cute and it rhymed, but I don't call myself a heartthrob," shared Stamos with Yahoo. "I call myself an aging heartthrob and an ex-teen idol."

Despite the widespread admiration and fanfare, Stamos still faced life-changing insecurities in his youth and early career. And like many of his famous friends and peers, Stamos eventually got plastic surgery, which he spoke about extensively in his new memoir, "If You Would Have Told Me." As it turns out, it was his unhappiness with his nose that led him to make some changes. 

John Stamos wasn't fond of his nose

While most fans found him exceedingly attractive, John Stamos wasn't always that confident about his outer appearance. In fact, he spent much of his childhood disliking his natural nose. Unfortunately, he hated it even more when he was in "General Hospital." In his memoir, Stamos wrote, "That nose. It bothers me ... When I see it on TV for the first time, it's all I can look at." He added: "Fixating on my nose is beginning to detract from my performance. Plus, the early years of bullying ... have me ready to make a change." Unfortunately, Stamos' first nose job didn't turn out how he'd envisioned, thus prompting him to seek out the surgeon who'd worked on Michael Jackson.

During an interview with Drew Barrymore, Stamos revealed even more details about his childhood insecurities. "I was a dorky kid, I was a band geek, and I was into puppets and magic, and girls didn't like any of that stuff," he recalled. He even shared a story about the first time a girl expressed interest in him. Unfortunately, the girl's boyfriend found out and punched him in the face before writing, "I'm going to kill you big nose" on a mirror. Wow. So cruel! At least Stamos was able to get the last laugh.

The actor's mental health has suffered over the years

John Stamos' plastic surgery admission is a great reason why people shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, the star has dealt with much more than personal insecurities over the years. In his memoir, Stamos also delved into his years-long experience with mental health struggles and substance use. During one particularly challenging time, Stamos was heavily drinking while grieving the death of his parents and the end of his marriage. "I'm missing my dad, and my marriage has busted up, but it's the loss of my mom, Loretta, who died nine months ago, that has me spiraling," wrote Stamos. "She kept me anchored, solid, and straightened out for most of my life. I'm feeling adrift and alone without her. Empty."

Stamos expounded on his journey while chatting with Howard Stern. Stamos revealed in the interview that loneliness fuelled much of his motivation for drinking so heavily. However, it was recognizing the destructiveness of this behavior that led him to get clean. "If I drank and carried on like that, I would be with these people that I shouldn't if I was sober, I would never be with," he said. Fortunately, Stamos eventually checked into rehab at the urging of his close friends and family. He's been sober for eight years as of October 2023.