Welcome To Plathville: Why Olivia And Moriah Are No Longer Friends

"Welcome to Plathville" is a reality series that centers on the Plath family and their life on a Georgian farm firmly rooted in Christian values. Although the family of 11 stars in a television show, the children adhere to a strict upbringing that doesn't allow them any screen time or sugar. Among Kim and Barry Plath's children is their daughter Moriah Plath, whose friendship and eventual falling-out with her sister-in-law Olivia Plath played out on the show. Married to Ethan Plath, Olivia was so tight with his sister Moriah that the three all lived in the same house together.

Their relationship came to a sudden end during Season 4 when the former BFFs had a spat that resulted in Moriah leaving their house without informing Ethan or Olivia. Things were tense within the family due to Kim and Barry's split and Olivia's growing contention with the Plath matriarch. By the time Season 5 rolled around, Olivia and Moriah were completely done with each other — and accusations of theft tore them apart even further.

Olivia accused Moriah's mom of stealing money from Ethan

While Olivia Plath's tumultuous relationship with Kim Plath caused a strain between her and Moriah over the seasons, things reached a head in the Season 5 premiere of "Welcome to Plathville." In a confessional, Moriah Plath told the cameras, "Olivia has said a bunch of things about my parents for years, and it's only gotten worse. It's gotten to the point where lies are being told. And I personally want to do my part in making things right." Moriah mentioned the accusation Olivia made the season prior about Kim using Ethan Plath's credit card to purchase items without reimbursing him.

Following the Season 5 premiere, Olivia took to TikTok to explain the story. She explained that when Ethan was 16 or 17, Kim opened up an MLM account from Young Living for her son but didn't share the login info because he wasn't allowed to use the computer. Instead of letting him purchase his own toiletries, he was told to only use the ones that his mom ordered for him through the company. "I asked him about it, and he explained this business deal, to which I said, 'So you're paying anywhere from $100 to $300 a month that you're not being reimbursed for, and you're not keeping the product either? 'Cause that seems like stealing,'" she continued. The drama didn't end there — Moriah accused Olivia of stealing something of hers, and Season 5 became even more fraught with tension.

Moriah accused Olivia of stealing her music

Before their fallout, Olivia Plath was super supportive of Moriah's passion for music and often helped her out by taking professional photos of her sister-in-law. However, in "Welcome to Plathville" Season 5, Moriah revealed that Olivia had released one of her songs on her own streaming account and was earning money. The songstress asked Olivia to transfer the song to her account, but she never got a reply from her former friend and instead deleted the song after Moriah threatened to sue her. In the following episode, Olivia explained that Moriah had initially asked her to set up her music on the streaming platform because she didn't know how to do it, so she set up the account under her name. She then showed Moriah the bank statements and gave back all the music that was given to her.

On September 6, Olivia seemingly shaded her sister-in-law with an Instagram post dedicated to friendship. "Types of people to hang on to: Platonic soulmates. Read-together-in-silence friends. The person you feel safe to ugly cry in front of. The person you feel safe to fall asleep next to. The person you feel safe to be your full, messy self around. Your chosen family," she wrote. After listing more examples of those she considered a good friend, she concluded, "My eyes and heart are brimming with love for all of the above people in my life. I'm so lucky." Talk about cryptic!