The Tragic Truth About Soap Star Tyler Christopher's Personal Life

Soap opera star Tyler Christopher might have shone on television screens, but behind closed doors, the actor faced tragic struggles. Best known for his role as Prince Nikolas Cassadine in the long-running ABC soap "General Hospital," Christopher enjoyed a decades-long career during which he became a household name. In 2016, the actor's remarkable talent was acknowledged with a Daytime Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series. And while his time on "General Hospital" came to an end in 2016, Christopher went on to earn himself a spot as Stefan DiMera in another popular soap opera, "Days of Our Lives." 

Sadly, Christopher's alcohol addiction was getting the best of him off the screen. In 2019, the actor was fired from "Day of Our Lives," a decision he once claimed to have stemmed from his excessive alcohol use. "I took for granted the one thing I love the most. It was devastating for a myriad of reasons. One, the thing that I love the most was taken away. Two, I threw it away. Nobody took it away from me. I dropped it, okay?" Christopher confessed during an appearance on the "State of Mind" podcast. 

However, beyond losing his jobs on two of the world's most popular and longest-running shows, Christopher faced even more struggles in his lifetime. Here's the tragic truth about his life!

Tyler Christopher's problematic conservatorship

In 2019, Tyler Christopher was placed under guardianship following a fall and head injury during an episode of alcohol withdrawal. As reported by People, while Christopher recuperated in the hospital, his sister, Susan Asmo Baker, sought guardianship for him. Given the circumstances at the time, it was barely a surprise that Baker's request was granted.

Sadly, as in many conservatorship stories, things did not go well for the actor. Though the legal arrangement ended in 2021, it was not until 2023 that Christopher opened up about what went down while Baker was his legal guardian. In a court filing, the actor accused his sister of misappropriating his funds, alleging she used roughly $40,000 of his finances to pay off personal debts and buy her son a laptop. "I never thought in a million years that I would be taken advantage of by a family member," he told Bloomberg Law in July 2023.

But while Christopher doubled down on his claims, Baker insisted on her innocence. "If I hadn't been his Guardian he'd be DEAD!" she told the outlet of the actor's claims. Similarly, shortly before the guardianship came to an end in 2021, Baker reportedly shared her disappointment over Christopher's lack of trust in her. "I would have never done you wrong, not before your injury, during or after, and for some reason you think I need your money ... I DO NOT TYLER! Sad that you don't even trust me. That's what hurts the most," she wrote.

Tyler Christopher's many legal problems

On his 47th birthday in 2019, news broke that Tyler Christopher had been arrested for public intoxication and taken into the Morgan County Jail in Indiana. As reported by TMZ, Christopher was taken into custody after an Uber driver contacted authorities, reporting that the soap opera star had passed out and soiled himself in the back of the vehicle. Legal documents revealed that the police had received nine Christopher-related calls reporting the actor's public intoxication over one month. Christopher was subsequently arraigned in a court, where it was announced that a request to have him sent to an alcohol treatment program was denied. Instead, the actor, who pleaded guilty to two counts of public intoxication, was ordered to pay a $440 fine, according to Page Six. This wasn't the last of Christopher's run-ins with the law.

In May 2023, TMZ reported that the "Moon Crash" star had been arrested and charged with public intoxication after he was found sleeping at Hollywood Burbank Airport in Southern California. Though Christopher claimed to have slept off after missing his flight, he reportedly showed signs of intoxication, hence the arrest.

Tyler Christopher's failed marriages

Amidst his many struggles, Tyler Christopher also had a turbulent love life. In 2000, Christopher met Eva Longoria when she made a guest appearance on "General Hospital." The pair subsequently started a relationship, dating on and off for months before tying the knot in 2002. The pair soon realized marriage was no walk in the park. "[Being married] is harder than we thought," Longoria once admitted. Sadly, the pair's marriage was rather short-lived, as they ended up divorcing in 2004. "He was a lovely man, but I was very young. I didn't know who I was, and I was still struggling as an actor. I was a terrible wife," Longoria later said of their marriage, according to Digital Spy.

Following his split from Longoria, Christopher started dating sports journalist Brienne Pedigo. The two married in 2008. During their time together, Christopher and Pedigo welcomed two kids — a son named Greysun James, born in October 2009, and a daughter, Boheme, in 2015. Sadly, after nearly a decade together, Christopher and Pedigo's marriage came crumbling down. Their divorce was ultimately finalized in 2019, according to The US Sun

Tyler Christopher's years-long mental health struggles

Through his years in the spotlight, Tyler Christopher remained candid about his mental health struggles as well as his battle with alcoholism. In a March 2022 appearance on the "State of Mind" podcast, Christopher admitted he had his first taste of alcohol as a child. "You become an addict at nine years old. Fast-forward 40 years, at some point, you cannot survive it. At some point, it will kill you, and it has. Three times I have flatlined, and nobody knows that I'm saying it right here for the first time," Christopher explained.

Despite attempts at managing his addiction and bipolar disorder, Christopher suffered a relapse in 2020, triggered by the long-term isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Being isolated allowed the mania associated with my bipolar disorder to come into full effect, and I wasn't able to stop it. Over and over again, I would live an entire day and never be satisfied with what I would accomplish," he wrote in a personal essay for Reader's Digest.

Eventually, however, the "General Hospital" star opted for an inpatient treatment program, which, admittedly, helped put his life back on track. Unsurprisingly, given his experience, Christopher proved himself an avid mental health advocate, often encouraging many like him to seek professional help and support. "I encourage those who struggle with mental health conditions to educate themselves on not only the potential benefits and risks of antipsychotics but also the different methods of receiving treatment," he wrote in his essay for Reader's Digest.

Tyler Christopher died of a cardiac arrest

On October 31, 2023, Tyler Christopher was found dead by a friend in his San Diego home. He was 50. "It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Tyler Christopher. Tyler passed away this morning following a cardiac event in his San Diego apartment," Maurice Benard, a close colleague from "General Hospital," announced on Instagram. Benard described Christopher as a "talented individual" who brought his best game to television screens. Benard was not the only one to flood social media with his tribute to the late actor.

Taking to Instagram, Alyssa Milano recounted her time with Christopher during an appearance on "Charmed." In her tribute, Milano described him as a "wonderful actor," adding that he nailed his guest appearance. "I remember him as being a sweet, sweet, soul. May he rest in peace. My condolences to his friends and family," she added.

Frank Valentini, executive producer of "General Hospital," also shared his condolences on X, formerly known as Twitter. "I am heartbroken over the news of Tyler Christopher's passing. He was kind, an incredible actor, and a dear friend, who was beloved by our #GH family and fans of Nikolas Cassadine," Valentini wrote.