All The Worst Celeb Looks At BravoCon 2023

Bravo stars often bring their sartorial best in their respective shows, but the same can't be said at the 2023 BravoCon, with many failing to bring their A-game. Held at the famous Las Vegas Ceasars Palace, many of our favorite Bravolebrities stormed Sin City to treat fans to all things Bravo. Stars of "Vanderpump Rules," "Southern Charm," "Below Deck," the "Real Housewives" franchise, and more made an appearance at the three-day celebration, piping hot tea in tow. What is BravoCon, really, without a dash of intrigue?

Of course, many of these Bravolebs put their best fashion foot forward, donning jaw-dropping outfits that dazzled the crowd. From sleek, body-hugging dresses to vibrant, color-coordinated pieces, the stars flaunted their glamorous best. On the flip side, a handful of these reality stars didn't quite hit the target in the style stakes, with a few being guilty of serious fashion faux pas. Some made bold yet questionable sartorial choices, ranging from denim-on-denim ensembles to even a shocking lack of pants.

Just when we thought fashion disasters weren't prevalent in the Bravo world, these celebs reminded us otherwise. Here are just some of the worst-dressed stars at BravoCon, proving that even the best can commit serious fashion blunders.

Shep Rose's cocktail shirt

While we love a statement top as much as the next person, this cocktail shirt on Shep Rose warrants a double take, not because it is genuinely eye-popping, but because you'll be pondering the existential question of why such a shirt exists in the first place. And what kind of bottle is that even? A whiskey? Rum? Or perhaps ketchup? We'd rather chug a cocktail from Schwartz and Sandy's than figure it out, to be honest! At least the "Southern Charm" star kept the rest of the look tame, balancing the eccentric top with a pair of gray trousers and classic brown loafers.

Tom Schwartz's couch blazer

Speaking of Schwartz, "Vanderpump Rules'" Tom Schwartz showed up to BravoCon looking every bit like a piece of furniture, sporting a colorful jacket with embroidered floral designs. His ex, Katie Maloney, articulated our sentiments best: "You look like a couch." But Schwartz's couch aesthetic seemed to be inspired by the choices at Salvation Army instead of Wayfair. To his credit, he kept the rest of the outfit pretty muted, with a black inner shirt, black jeans, polka dot socks, and black suede sneakers.

Lisa Vanderpump's train conductor chic ensemble

Meanwhile, Tom Schwartz's boss, Lisa Vanderpump, arrived at the event thinking that it was still Halloween. While the "Sur" owner is no stranger to a blazer and trouser combo to give off a high-powered vibe, she decided to pick out the same pieces with glittery stripes, topped off with a Breton cap. We're sorry to say, but the whole ensemble was giving train conductor chic and not girl boss CEO, which probably wasn't what she was going for. The only thing she was "conducting" was her dog, Donut, who didn't even look enthused to be on the red carpet. We give her props for bringing her pup of honor along, though!

Paige DeSorbo's $5,600 crystal underwear

Paige DeSorbo might have mistaken the BravoCon red carpet for the Baywatch set. The "Summer House" star looked fine from the waist up with her crisp, long-sleeved white shirt and sparkly hair accessories, but the bottom half of her outfit is, for the lack of a better word, NUTS. She pulled up donning pink crystal panties (or was it a bikini?), which were later revealed to be from Miu Miu and cost a whopping $5600. "I'm wearing no pants because we're in Vegas," she told People. "I'm surprised so many people are wearing pants. So, I wanted to wear no pants." If she was going for the shock factor, we've got to hand it to her — she achieved it, alright!

Erin Lichy's latex diaper

Uh, did we miss something? Did some Bravo stars come to a collective agreement to leave their pants at home for BravoCon? Or is it the trend this season? Either way, going pantless is not it. While Erin Lichy pulled the look better than Paige DeSorbo, the "Real Housewives of New York City" star still needs to be apprehended by the fashion police for subjecting everyone to her latex underwear. She even doubled down by pairing her tights with open-toed pumps! She must have momentarily forgotten that she was in Las Vegas and not in New York auditioning for a spot in the Chicago musical.

Tom Sandoval's Viking-inspired ensemble

Another "Vanderpump Rules" star joining the worst-dressed roster is the man of the hour, Tom Sandoval. We're sure he's blithely aware that he's not everyone's favorite person at the moment, but he seems to make the public's opinion of him even worse with this unsightly get-up. He decided to grace the red carpet wearing a denim kilt, leather Chelsea boots, a Gucci belt, and a blazer that exposed his bare chest. We're not sure if he's channeling Harry Styles or scary styles. When asked by a fan why he chose to dress the way he did, he dished: "I don't know. I just visualized it. Usually, when I'm figuring out what I'm gonna wear, I visualize it, and yeah, it was speaking to me." Well, it certainly wasn't speaking for any of us!

Danielle Cabral's pink catsuit

Paige DeSorbo's crystal pink panties finally met their match: Danielle Cabral's pink catsuit. While most of BravoCon decided to wear as little clothing as possible, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star went against the grain and sported a body-hugging catsuit that accentuated her curves, complemented by matching gloves. Both the suit and the gloves were embellished with all sorts of rhinestones, making her shine like a disco ball — and not the chicest kind. While her commitment to standing out is commendable, we're left wondering if she should have toned it down just a tiny bit!

Malia White's barely there dress

Are we supposed to understand this ensemble? It looks like a dress, except it's not, and on second look, it might just be an upscale blanket. Attempting to fathom what it is proved to be a challenge. The fact that Malia White is from "Below Deck" makes sense now because this outfit is way below the fashion deck. There look to be shoulder pads with embellishments that extend to her chest for a cover-up and a skirt that only partly shields her waist and unmentionables. Underneath is a sheer, skin-toned garment that envelops her form. We're not going to lie — it might have been one of the tackiest outfits in the entire convention.

Whitney Rose's denim on denim get-up

At every red carpet event, there seems to be at least one person who hasn't learned from the '90s and decides to pull off a denim-on-denim outfit in the hopes of making it look good (spoiler alert: it never will). At BravoCon, Whitney Rose happened to be the one making the attempt, and well, it was kind of a valiant effort as she tried giving it a contemporary spin. While she did not pay homage to Britney Spears, she did try to spice things up by opting for denim jeans adorned with glitters and a denim tube top accentuated with a glitter rose. Her makeup made her glow, too, but sorry, denim ensembles are still a no-no in our book.

Rhylee Gerber's superhero-esque bodysuit

As far as we know, Rhylee Gerber is a deckhand, not Captain Marvel's proxy. But the "Below Deck" star attended BravoCon looking like an extra from an MCU film anyway, clad in a copper bodysuit that covered everything, from her neck down to her hands and feet. Attempts at accessorizing were practically non-existent, with the television personality choosing not to embellish her outfit any further, slipping on a pair of beige boots that reached her knees. Hey, at least the color coordination was on point.