6 Of The Juiciest BravoCon 2023 Revelations

As the old saying goes, all things must come to an end. Sadly, that also includes BravoCon 2023. On November 5, the three-day-long festivities chock-full of ultra candid moments, a few "so nasty and so rude" reality star spats, and iconic panel discussions that left no stone unturned all in front of rip-roaring boisterous crowds finally came to a close. The Bravo godfather himself, Andy Cohen, delivered an epic performance and send-off in front of more than 160 Bravolebs and droves of die-hard fans at The Bravos awards show.

Fortunately, the motley crew of Bravolebrities left us fans and stans with memories we will cherish for a lifetime — including some downright shocking revelations. And as we all know, what happens in Las Vegas doesn't always stay there — especially when the tea is this hot! Here's a list of some of the juiciest revelations to come from BravoCon 2023.

Kyle Richards dropped the D-word

Did somebody say the D-word?! Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably well aware by now of the separation going on between "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" mainstay Kyle Richards and her longtime hubby, real estate magnate Mauricio Umansky. It wasn't until BravoCon weekend, however, that Richards actually uttered the word "divorce." 

"I've gone through a lot this last year that does change you. Losing my best friend to suicide changed me. Going through my divorce all that has made me stronger, but it definitely changes you as a person. I feel good," she told a gaggle of reporters on the second night of the three-day event. "I'm grateful that we get along so well and love each other very much, and we're putting our family first," she dished. But that's not all. Richards was reduced to tears during the "RHOBH" panel when pressed about the current standing of her marriage. "I just want to say, a lot of people think, 'Pull it together. Fix it' Obviously, that's what I would want. This is not my idea of my fairy tale, clearly," she explained.

Andy Cohen called Ramona Singer's BravoCon absence 'the right call'

Following the bombshell Vanity Fair article aptly titled "Inside the 'Real Housewives' Reckoning That's Rocking Bravo," in which allegations of Ramona Singer using a racial slur resurfaced, Ramona Singer was seemingly disinvited to BravoCon 2023. Perhaps the most surprising revelation, however, was resident Housewife wrangler Andy Cohen's reaction to Singer being missing in action from the three-day Bravo celebration. When asked about Singer's absence during the "Ask Andy" panel on November 4, Cohen minced no words. "I think the most that I can say is that we already shot 'Ultimate Girls Trip,' and she's on the show, she's not here, and that's where we're at." He added, "It was the right call."

Ariana Madix was seemingly annoyed by Scheana Shay hanging out in Tom Sandoval's Las Vegas suite

"Vanderpump Rules" was forever altered after it was revealed in March 2023 that Tom Sandoval had been cheating on his longtime partner Ariana Madix with fellow cast member Rachel "Raquel" Leviss. Since then, the dynamic between the group has considerably shifted, with most of the crew siding with Madix.

Alas, things got particularly heated during the "Battle of the Sexes" panel on November 4 when James Kennedy questioned Lala Kent as to whether or not she had been hanging out in Sandoval's suite. While Kent vehemently denied that she was "kicking it" at Sandoval's suite, Madix intimated that it was actually Scheana Shay who was caught in the footage. "It's weird," Madix later told Access Hollywood. "Lala was not, but Scheana was. And I was like, 'That's weird."

Meanwhile, Shay was adamant that she was only in Sandoval's hotel suite to defend Madix. "I don't like some of the things I heard him saying about Ariana on his podcast and in [the] press and I said that to him last night," Shay told Page Six. "Let her heal and just stop."

Crystal Kung Minkoff said she has 'theories' about Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Crystal Kung Minkoff took a beating during the first day of BravoCon 2023 when house flipper turned radio host Jeff Lewis spewed off some rather nasty remarks about her. "Did you all see episode one of Season 13? Did you notice how Crystal didn't talk the entire time? It was the best episode I've ever seen with Crystal in it," Lewis opined during the November 3 "Ask Andy" panel he co-hosted along with the main man himself, Andy Cohen.

Alas, Minkoff had LOTS of things to say during the "Housewife2Housewife: The New Wave of Wives" panel hosted by Justin Sylvester and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton on November 4. Minkoff was nice enough when she noted that Kyle Richards' close friend Morgan Wade "seemed lovely." But her commentary didn't stop there. "I have my theories, but I think they have a very close relationship. I do. I honestly do," she divulged when pressed about what might be going on between Richards and Wade. 

Shannon Beador revealed she and John Janssen are not speaking

Fresh off of her alleged DUI hit and run, Shannon Storms Beador arrived at Bravocon 2023 seemingly calm and refreshed. "It's been a tough six weeks," she divulged during the "The Way We OC It" panel hosted by Danny Pellegrino. "I believe that today I'm in a good and positive [place] — going in a good and positive direction, so thank you... and thank you all for the support." 

But it wasn't until the third and final evening that she delivered a particularly shocking revelation. Beador told ET reporter Brice Sander on November 5 that she was currently working towards eliminating "toxic and unhealthy things" in her life. "I haven't been drinking, and, you know, there's certain relationships that I've ended as well," she clarified. And, yes, that goes for her ex-boyfriend John Janssen. "We have not spoken for over a month, and I don't have any intention [to]," Beador revealed.

Erika Jayne landed her own spin-off doc with Bravo

Bravo TV is betting on... Erika Jayne? Perhaps one of the biggest revelations to come from BravoCon 2023 was that Erika Jayne would be debuting her very own spin-off with the cable television network a la a two-part limited series documentary, aptly titled "Erika Jayne: Bet It All on Blonde." The reality doc is set to premiere in Spring 2024. According to the trailer, it will chronicle the performer and reality star as she works to pick up the pieces following the aftermath of her estranged husband, Tom Girardi's legal troubles — all while performing shows at her Las Vegas residency. Bravo, Erika Jayne. Bravo!