Everything Matt Rife Has Said About Girlfriend Jessica Lord

Comedian Matt Rife confirmed that there was a special someone in his life during an August 2023 appearance on "Good Morning America." He didn't identify his girlfriend as Jessica Lord at that time, but fans who were closely following the comedian likely noticed that he'd been dropping not-so-subtle hints about their relationship on Lord's Instagram page. Rife left a receipt emoji in the comments section of a June 2023 bikini photo, which Lord had captioned, "If lost, return to Hawaii." A month later, Rife called Lord "Tink" in response to a series of photos of the petite blond wearing a shirt with a fairy on it.

Being Rife's girlfriend takes more than a modicum of courage, as a lot of his material is about relationships. This means anyone he dates could end up becoming the butt of one — or more — of his jokes. Case in point: During his "Matthew Steven Rife" comedy special, he said that a serious relationship ended after he told his now-ex that he didn't want her to meet his friends. He explained this was because they wouldn't stop joking about her cleft chin, calling her "Texas Chin-saw Massacre" and a "chin-fluencer." Rife himself then referred to her as "Chin-derella."

We don't know whether Lord knew exactly what she was getting into when she began dating a comedian whose heartthrob status makes his adoring fans act a lot like those of popular boy bands, but Rife seems pretty smitten with the England-born actor and dancer.

He knew Jessica Lord long before they began dating

When Matt Rife appeared on the "2 Bears, 1 Cave" podcast in October 2023, he revealed that he and Jessica Lord actually met each other a little over a year before they started dating. Their romance blossomed right when Rife was about to adopt a nomadic lifestyle. His first ProbleMATTic World Tour dates were in July 2023, and he admitted that he was initially hesitant about embarking on his first headlining tour while being in a serious relationship. However, he quickly learned that Lord is a supportive partner. "She forces me to take personal time, obviously, and I love that. Whenever she's like, 'Can we have tomorrow for ourselves?' I'm like, 'Thank you. I would love to have that,'" Rife told People.

Rife also revealed that Lord frets over him because he works so hard, and it must feel pretty good to feel cared for on the road. "She's the most concerned about my sleep problem. She's always making sure I'm eating that day," he said. According to Rife, there's another benefit of being cuffed during cuffing season while being a touring comedian. On "2 Bears, 1 Cave," he explained how Lord being in his life helps keep him focused on his work. "I have one person to respond to and think about and focus on rather than being that touring comic that's like, 'What girl can I f*** in this city?'" he said. How romantic is that?

How Jessica Lord feels about Matt Rife's comedy

There's a reason Matt Rife decided to give his world tour the title "ProbleMATTic." He told Elite Daily that it's common for people to get offended by his comedy, claiming that his haters have even tried to get him canceled. But Jessica Lord is not in the camp that finds him unfunny; she's even cool with serving as a muse for some of his material. "She loves it," Rife told People. "She's British, so she has like the best sense of humor." One example of Rife's humor is his plan for exacting revenge on Lord if she ever dumps him; he's jokingly told his girlfriend that he'll sleep with her brother. "He's a really good-looking gay guy," Rife said on "First Date with Lauren Compton."

According to Rife, Lord also doesn't find the attention he gets from his female fans intimidating or bothersome. She does, however, get offended on Rife's behalf when his fans disrupt his shows by yelling out inappropriate things at him, which are often sexual in nature. "I get off the stage and [Lord] goes, 'What the f**k was that girl's problem? That's so annoying,'" Rife said on "2 Bears, 1 Cave." The comedian revealed that he loves how Lord is able to see things from his perspective, which is that such misbehavior spoils his delivery of the material he spent so much time working on. "She's very calming and understanding," Rife added.

Jessica Lord travels with Matt Rife

Jessica Lord has a career of her own; her list of acting credits isn't long, but she did star in the TV series "Find Me in Paris" for two years. Her job allows her to choose which roles she auditions for, and she can always turn down projects that film during inopportune times. This type of schedule is ideal for dating Matt Rife.

On "First Date with Lauren Compton," Rife said that he and Lord share a love of traveling, so she's been joining him for some legs of his tour. "She hasn't been to a lot of places around America, anyway. She's from England and Canada, so I'm lucky and excited to get to show her fun towns around the country," he said. "It's fun to travel with your partner. You get to see the world with somebody. You get to enjoy it. It's like getting to travel with your best friend." Awww.

When the tour took them to Florida, they visited the Animal EDventure Park & Safari in Boynton Beach. However, Rife and Lord cropped each other out of the photos that they shared on their respective Instagram pages. Slivers of Rife are all that can be seen in Lord's photos of her experience playing with the park's adorable animals, and the only parts of Lord visible in Rife's pictures are a hand and leg. So, they clearly aren't comfortable appearing together as a couple in photos from their travels just yet.